Just like hard work, confidence is also one of the important keys to success. What is confidence though? Why is that important?

Confidence is not walking into a place thinking you are better than everyone, its walking in knowing that you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone. We are neither less nor more than anyone. There is no thought of comparison, there is no competition with any other human. We all are here to do something in life. Some do more, some do less. You are not above anyone. You are not below anyone. That's confidence.

Confidence can be developed in many ways. You can start with your physiology, your posture. If I asked you what a confident person looked like, would you be able to tell me? Of course, you would. They look strong, sure of themselves. Their head is up not down, they are standing tall. Their shoulders are back upright, they make eye contact. Now as per the introvert person this can be good for the outgoing people but not for them. They might say they can never be confident. The great part is anyone can develop confidence. Some people might need to work harder than others because they have conditioned themselves into a lack of confidence for much of their life but anyone can develop confidence. You just need to change your mindset. Most of the shy people have moments where they are not shy. May be in front of the people they trust more, their family, their friends or their partner. Shyness is selective which means you can make confidence permanent if you consciously decide to be the person and do the things you do, not just around the people you trust the most but all the time. Shyness is what? It’s the thought that we are less than anyone that means we always compare ourselves to others. When this comparison is dead when you are good enough not to others but to yourself. That is confidence.

Being confident doesn't mean you are superior, it means you are the humble champion, the silent winner. If you lack confidence, you can change. If you lack anything, you can change. You can be anything in your life. All we need to do is to change the mindset. If we will not change, we will not live life to the fullest. We can do anything but only with confidence which comes with a great mindset. We all are here with some talents. Some are good enough to show that but some are shy and keep that to themselves. Gear up, unlock your authentic power today, and let the world see your best version. Goodluck...!!