There are many reasons that may cause your depression, and when a person faces this situation they often believe that they are alone. However, depression is a disorder that affects more than 350 million people in the world.

When depression is not treated in time it can become a serious problem, affecting all areas in one person’s life, causing much suffering.

If you believe you are in this situation, it is necessary that you see a psychologist or psychiatrist for a correct evaluation and diagnosis and to provide you with the right treatment.

Once diagnosed with depression, the patient must begin their treatment, one which, in most cases, includes a combined action of pharmacological and psychological therapy.

This may be very hard to achieve, and even following the advice I am about to give you can be challenging, but if you try, little by little you will notice the difference these recommendations will make in your life.

1.The Monster in Your Head: Depression is like a small, monstrous child that tells us how we should feel or see yourselves. How do we destroy it? When the monster tells us “don’t get out of bed”, is when you know you have to do the exact opposite. Get up and get moving. When the monster tells you “you look ugly”, put on your favorite outfit. When it tells you “cry”, find a way to smile, whether it is by watching a funny movie or remembering happy moments. The way to kill this monster that makes us feel so bad and down is by showing it that what it tells us is not true by doing the opposite of what it wants us to do.

2. Physical Activity: Physical activity is fundamental to combat our depressive state. It has been proven that physical exercise creates an increase in endorphin production and relieves stress. You may even wear your work out outfit as pajamas and wear them to bed so as to be ready to exercise as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. You can go out for a 30 minute run or jog, or even walk if it is all you can do. You can also do any physical activity that you best enjoy or that you want. This is better doing in the morning to have your body free of stress and full of endorphins to enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable day.

3. Mirror Smiles: Every time you look in a mirror, smile at yourself and manifest “I AM HAPPY”. This can feel a little ridiculous at the beginning and you may even find yourself laughing at this thinking you’re crazy, but little by little it will help you change those negative thoughts for positive ones and get you smiling.

4. Company: At first you will want to be alone and you may even feel bothered by being surrounded by people. But being around others helps you think about other things, clear your mind and even help you change your negative thoughts, teaching you to value your life and yourself as a person. Also, if there is someone you can really count on, this person can help you grow out of your depressive state by making appointments with said person to do activities that you enjoy, even if it is just short 30 minute walk. If you know that this person counts on you to be there, it will motivate you to get up and show up.

5. Journal of Joy: Buy yourself a small journal or notebook. In this notebook you will write, every night, 5 positive things or blessings that you found or thought of during the day. These can be simple things such as having a stranger greet you in the elevator, managing to get out of bed that day, the birds singing, etc. You must write 5 different things every day. On Sunday, you can read all the things you wrote during the week, and you will start to realize that even during the storm you can find rays of sunshine.

6. Playlist: Make a playlist that includes all your favorite songs. Try having it on your phone or any device that is readily available to you. These songs must be happy, rhythmic, and motivating. So much so that they make you want to dance and sing and bring back happy memories. Listen to these songs every chance you get; when you’re driving in your car, or (and especially) when you’re feeling a little down. This technique will help you boost your mood in a matter of seconds.

7. Your Clothes, Your Best Friend: When you’re depressed you don’t even want to think about what you are going to wear, but think that you have to get dressed anyways. Give a little 20% extra on your efforts and find something that makes you look good and that you feel comfortable in. You will feel much better. If you look good, you feel good! Make yourself proud that you had the strength to get dressed and fix yourself up whenever you see yourself in the mirror.

Remember: in this situation, it is necessary that you seek professional advice.