Many of us find ourselves in a rut at some point or another in our lives. Where every day seems to blend into the next. Very little is exciting, very little is new. And although that is normal. In the sense that not every day can offer a new and exciting adventure, there are things you can do to make sure you stay a little more positive about your daily life. To find inspiration in the small things on a daily basis. This in turn will accumulate and foster new and exciting ideas. It will allow you to feel more grateful and more creative.

Tip 1: Find a mentor and spend time with them. This could be someone at work or a friend. Anyone you admire in some way. This will help you raise the bar within yourself, and push yourself to be better. If you don’t spend time with people who challenge you, progress will be difficult.

Tip 2: Create a vision board. Some of the most successful people in the world have done this and the results of something so simple is astounding. Create a poster with images of a trip you want to take, or your dream house or car. The family you want etc. It can be anything! Put it in a place you see regularly. Maybe in your closet where as you get ready for the day you are visually reminded of what you are working for every day and that you will achieve all of those things if you just keep going.

Tip 3: Remember your youth. As adults, we get bogged down by responsibilities and pressures. We often forget to let loose and act childish. Order an ice cream, dance around your living room, be silly! This will remind you that you are more than your job and more than your obligations. You are so much more than that.

These are just a few tips for what you can do to find a little more joy in your life on a daily basis. Try these and see how more inspiration will come to you. If you think you need more, book a session with one of OnlifeCoach’s certified professional Life Coaches who can help you find more ways to stay inspired and motivated all the time.