We are always dreaming of happiness and we forget that we ourselves are the ones who decide not to be happy.  Every day we have the opportunity to make the decision of which direction we want to go, and most importantly, how we will do it. Every feeling of happiness begins with gratitude for the material things and blessings we already have.

​Tips to be Positive:
 1. Watch your thoughts.
Your thoughts control your life. If you have negative thoughts, you will only see the bad things or the ugly side of your life; if you have positive thoughts you will focus on the good and start to see all the beautiful things you have. Every time a negative thought comes to mind, make the decision to change it to something positive. In every situation, no matter how tough, sad or ugly, there is always something positive. It's a task you have to do every day, but it will get easier as you do it.

2. Use technology as a tool.
In our work, in our free time, we almost always make use of electronic devices, but we almost never use them in a productive way for our growth. From now on, let's use technology to put music to our liking, music that makes us happy, that lifts our spirits. Let's put images that have a positive impact on us as the wallpaper on our phones and computers. Let's use the internet to search for positive news. Read or listen to audiobooks. Use your imagination to use this tool for your growth and productivity.
3. Make a list of 3 daily things.
Every day take a little while to write three things you're grateful for. It won't take more than 5 minutes, but it will have a big impact on your day. As you write those 3 things, feel the joy of having them. These three things can range from material things to things we sometimes take for granted, such as our health, getting up in the morning, our five senses, and our loved ones.
4. Give a smile every day.
Believe it or not, human beings find joy when we give to others. A smile is the most beautiful thing one human can give to another. Happiness is contagious. Smile, give joy, and change someone´s day.
 5. Exercise.
I won't get tired of repeating how important it is to exercise. It doesn't have to be something intense, even if you walk for 10 minutes, going up the stairs instead of using the elevator or dancing three songs will be enough to raise your heartbeat to produce the hormones of happiness. Remember that exercise is the best antidepressant in the world, and as a side effect, you will have a better figure. Be grateful that you have the option to exercise. Not everyone has it.