As you may know, our thoughts can improve our peace, health, vision, fitness, strength and so much more.

Below are some tips you may find useful from the book, Think, Learn, and Succeed by Dr. Caroline Leaf which can help you achieve a healthier and more positive mindset.

Thinker Mindset Activation

  • Limit your use of technology throughout the day, avoid scrolling aimlessly through social media.
  • Allow your mind to wonder for sixteen minutes a day or so and notice which thoughts flow, which one’s causes you anxiety and which one gives you a sense of peace, keep track of thoughts by noting them down. The idea is to reconceptualize your negative thoughts into a positive thought. On a daily basis incorporate the newly reconceptualized thoughts so that it becomes a helpful, successful, and useful memory.

When we allow ourselves to think, we increase and develop our intelligence as well as our brain efficiency.

Controlled Emotions and Support Mindset Activation

  • Accept responsibility for the management of your emotions, after all emotions do not happen to you, they are made by you.
  • Do not deny your feelings, acknowledge it, face it, and name it in a positive way. By re-framing toxic emotions and making them work for you helps with detoxing your mind of toxic emotions.
  •  Learn to express your emotions appropriately in an environment that is safe, accepting, and non-judgemental.
  •  Do not assume you know what others are feeling or thinking because there is a great chance that you will be incorrect, and this could lead you to have emotional trauma by second-guessing yourself. Rather listen to others in a supportive and loving way, and always assume the best of a person or situation.

Happiness Mindset Activation

  • Choose to be happy! You have a choice to either sulk and be miserable or focus your energy elsewhere.
  • Do not allow yourself to think, I will be happy when… How about being happy right now, in this given moment.
  • Choose to believe that happiness is a possibility for you.
  • Add fun to your daily routine by watching uplifting and funny videos and movies. This will help to get positive emotions flowing.
  •  Connect with others in a meaningful life such as volunteering or simply calling a friend to chat.

Healthy Stress Mindset Activation

  • When encountering stress, see it as something that enhances your performance, helps you to think clearly, and helps you to focus.
  • See stress as something that you can handle, make stress work for you by thinking of it in a positive way.
  • Speak to a friend or relative when you feel overwhelmed by stress this can help you to gain perspective.

Furthermore, do not allow your feelings to control you. When you find yourself in a challenging situation, do not give up choose to preserve, and choose to live in love.

In short, practice reconceptualizing negative thoughts into positive thoughts so that you may have healthier thoughts patterns. You do have a choice!