Everybody in this world has many different responsibilities that can cause stress. We also live in a time and age where we are faced with situations that give us anxiety. Stress and anxiety are not good advisors, but it is impossible not to feel them from time to time. Here are some tips that I recommend so you can decrease and lead these two enemies away from a healthy and serene life.

1. Give yourself some space:

Dedicate at least 15 minutes to yourself. Whether alone or with loved ones, this time can prevent many discomforts, both physical and emotional. If you give yourself a little space, your mind will be distracted. Fifteen minutes doing something that makes you happy will give your day a 180-degree turn.

2. Express what bothers you: 

Not everything is always rainbows and butterflies, and we can often find ourselves in situations that bother or displease us. You must verbalize and communicate when something is bothering you; problems don’t simply stop existing way just because we keep them quiet. In fact, experts agree that what is covered by silence or other forms of hiding the problem, later appear as a negative symptom. Therefore, to avoid the stress of the repressed, it is more convenient to verbalize what causes discomfort. As long as we are polite and respectful when expressing our feelings when we disagree or are satisfied with something, it is our right to manifest it but it is the right of others to be respected.

3. Have nuts or seeds at hand:

If you already know that when you feel stressed or anxious you tend to eat more than normal, keep seeds and/or nuts wherever you go. The seeds will take away your desire to eat without causing you more stress or anxiety when you think about the possible few extra pounds. They can also add nutrition to your diet.

4. Exercise:

When we do some physical activity, we not only see positive results in our physique, but we also see results on an emotional level. When we exercise, our body reacts immediately and begins to release endorphins and serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is found in the central nervous system and regulates functions such as sleep, moods, appetite, and sexual desire. Endorphins are known as the hormones of happiness, as they regulate the state of calm, joy, and the feeling of falling in love. They also regulate our levels of physical pain as a calming help to control anxiety.

5. Relaxation techniques:

Relaxation, breathing, meditation, and yoga exercises are as powerful as a drug. You don't have to be an expert in these areas to start enjoying its benefits. You can find many five-minute relaxations, breathing, and meditation exercises on the web. Use these techniques and you will see how stress and anxiety disappear from your day.

6. Rest:

Your body needs to recover from today in order to continue the next day. Do not forget to sleep at least eight hours, otherwise the next day you will be in a bad mood, tired and your enemies (anxiety and stress) will surely pay a visit.