Every time the sun comes up, it's a new opportunity. Take advantage of it.  Every day we open our eyes is a day where we can change our past and improve our future. Let us rise with joy and excitement that this day we will be able to do what we could not do yesterday. We can change what we don't like. Stop wasting your time and get working on a new opportunity. Start your day by giving thanks for everything you have, everything you've achieved, and most importantly, giving thanks for what you're going to achieve today.

Studies have shown that the best thing we can do for our health and to lead a productive life in all its senses is to exercise. Many of us don't give the necessary importance to working out, but if we exercise first thing in the morning the benefits are multiple and countless. You have to take into account that the best time to exercise is in the morning, being the first thing you do in the day. This way you will start your day full of energy, without stress and especially at that time no one will interrupt you and you will have no excuse. Exercising helps us be productive, healthy, and sleep like royalty.
Try to maintain a quiet environment in the morning. This will help you lift your spirits. If we are happy and relaxed we will be more productive. If we are happy, with a positive attitude we will be more productive and successful.
Following a routine established in at least the first two to three hours in the morning helps us know in advance exactly what we are going to do, and this way we will not have any kind of stress or anxiety. At the same time we avoid being distracted from our objectives.  An example of a routine in the mornings would be to wake up at the same time every day, exercise a little, do a short meditation, and get ready for work.
Set aside social networks or internet browsing and fulfill your obligations first. Don't check your mail the first thing in the morning; leave it for later.  Focus on your goals and put each other's goals on hold.  Checking your mail in the morning is going to stress you out and ruin your good mood. (Tip #1) If you work away from home try not to browse social networks until you return at night and if your job demands it, try to do only work activities. Don't waste your time. Leave social media and browsing for your free time, as an entertainment and not as an addiction.  
Make a list of things to do the night before. You can divide them into three sections:
a. What I have to do tomorrow
b.  What I have to do this week
c. What I have to do for the next week

Once you are clear about the goals of the day and the next two weeks, start working on that day. If you manage to finish them, start doing some of the other things for the week and so progressively.  I recommend you buy an agenda and write every night the things you have to do and divide them into the three sections. I know it's a very repetitive process but it helps us a lot because if you write the same thing every day, you're very clear about what you need to finish, and when you finish you cross it out and this serves as a motivation to undertaking the next task.
When you're in business hours try to keep all distractions away from you. Distractions can be different for each person; for example, stop surfing the internet, conversations with co-workers, gossip, cafeteria trips, etc.
You have to set limits. You have to leave work in your office; don't take work home. Learn how to manage your time so that work can be covered in working hours and at home, you dedicate your time to your loved ones. Human beings need to have time to rest and interact with people close to them. This fills us with peace, harmony, and refreshes us for the next day.
Turn off electronic devices and relax by meditation or reading. Meditation is ideal for bringing clarity to your mind. The more you practice the habit of meditation you will improve your focus and concentration.  At the same time, if you read at least half an hour before bed, it helps you relax and rid your mind of daily problems.
10. REST
Having a restful sleep of at least eight effective hours recharges your mind and body for the next day's activities, in addition to providing other benefits to your health.