Have you ever asked yourself about your love results?

Are you tired of failing in your relationships?

Do you wish for a new kind of love story?

Let me tell you this.

Some years ago, I started analyzing myself. I had just started in the world of coaching, I had my courses, a pair of mentors, I started to practice meditation and as a result, I became more aware. Here is where I really started to look at romantic relationships. 

I found, that most of us are living unconsciously, we just follow patterns, guided by beliefs, and this ultimately guides what our romantic relationships will look like. 

Important questions to ask yourself:

1. What are your patterns of love?

2. How do you love?

3. How do you expect to be loved?

Love is an experience. You build along your life, by taking various actions and making choices. So if we know the pattern and we can name it, for example: rejection, violence, abandonment, we can find the beliefs that are supporting it, and change it, it is an awakening work. You could say: “But I feel this or that”, I tell you: Let´s replace the current thoughts and you`ll see a change in those feelings.

You can re-build your experience of love starting today.

It is not so easy to find love and let go of the feelings of lonliness. To let go of those beliefs that limit, those erroneous patterns, those harmful habits, because most of the time they are so ingrained to us that we do not even perceive them or they are simply “normal” because we have lived a good part of our lives with them. However, it doesn't mean you can't change them. It just takes a little work. 

There is something I call: The Experience of Love. It conditions everything we live, and even beyond how we live and interpret it.

In a chapter of my first book that will soon be available, it says the following:

“I have been saying that love is an experience, and it does not stop being built, however, in it's construction there are peak moments, moments in which the foundations are laid, so, can I alter the course of that experience? Yes, and not only alter it, but you can also rebuild it, like an old house that is completely fallen apart. It can seem impossible, but you can conserve the same floor. Demolition of the house is not total. It is partial, you keep elements, but restructure the foundation. You just need to identify which elements to keep, and which elements to rebuild…”

We need to change the concepts we associate to love, we need to feel more comfortable with ourselves, have a better relationship with ourselves, discover our self-esteem and build our dream home.