Carla Favalli

Carla Favalli

"Author of "Your Patterns of Love" and Workbooks of Auto-Coaching. Will work with your beliefs, patterns, habits, and values. Radical changes over time.

Carla Favalli

I have been a coach for 5 years, before that, I was working in law, but somehow I knew I needed to work with people and help them. For that reason I started to study emotional intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, alternative means of conflict resolution, family relationships, and leadership. After I quit my job as a Judge in a Children's Court, I found an NGO, it coincided with the time I received my certification as a Coach, so I started to work in the NGO not only as a lawyer but as a coach too. Every day I attended women, teenagers, and couples coaching sessions. At the same time I started to work with different companies, institutions and different kinds of organizations with leadership, team building and motivation.
I started at the same time my tv and radio program named: AQUI CRECEMOS TODOS (Here We All Grow), a new project at a local tv and radio station, based solely on Coaching in different areas.

Two years ago I emigrated from Venezuela to Ecuador, so I added to my coaching areas: Emigration. I have helped people through this process and the various mental and emotional challenges that come with it.

I have written workbooks based on Coaching ( Relationships, Leadership, Migration) and right now I am almost finished with my next book; additionally, I also produce short videos on my YouTube Channel helping people vide motivation and direction in their lives. 

I have helped many people overcome their fears and face crises and find their true selves and make radical changes sustained over time. Join me today and let's accomplish great things together. 


  • Life Coach Certification (Comunidad Integrativa de Coaches de España)
  • Organizational Coach Certification (Comunidad Integrativa de Coaches de España)


  • Family Coaching
  • Functions of the Female Brain
  • Leadership
  • Team Working and Management
  • Relationships
  • Empowerment
  • Self Esteem
  • Crisis Management
  • Dealing with Radical Changes.

Previous Experience:

  • Lawyer Specialist in Children Rights and Civil Processes
  • Judge in a Children's Court 
  • Founder of an NGO in Venezuela named: MUJERES Y NIÑOS PRIMERO (Women and Children First)
  • Blogger
  • Youtuber
  • Producer of local tv and radio program: AQUI CRECEMOS TODOS (Here We All Grow)

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Easy to use platform, and very good session. Carla was easy to talk to, helpful and just a great smile and energy
8 August 2020
I had a great session with Carla! Her energy and charm was great and I feel very excited for what I can accomplish with her
26 May 2020
Carla really helped me figure out some steps I can take towards achieving my goals. Great session
23 May 2020