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Craig Gregory Howe

Craig Gregory Howe

Leadership Coach. Live powerfully, passionately, and with purpose. There is only one you - capitalize on your unique mix of knowledge, skills, and experience!

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22 Jul 05:00

30 Minute Video Session

Craig Gregory Howe

I live with my partner and dog Finn in a cottage in the beautiful South Downs National Park. Surrounded by fields and woodland, it is the perfect spot for walking and a haven for nature. I am a keen photographer and there is plenty of subject matter on my doorstep. I also love to garden, cook and travel.


Since becoming a coach, I have gained significant experience working with more than 400 leaders in over 40 countries working for large global corporates. I specialize in providing support around strategic thinking, setting vision & direction, organizational collaboration and communication. Additionally, I have helped people with various transitions - retirement, redundancy and starting a business being some examples.


I trained as a coach in 2014. I hold the Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation and the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach credential from the Co-Active Training Institute.

Expertise/ Background:

My background is in wealth management where I worked for more than 20 years at 4 large international banks. This taught me a lot about complexity, prioritization, and managing across cultures.


I have several degrees including an MBA in European business.

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30 Minute Video Session

30 minutes. Doesn’t sound long, does it? Surprisingly, it is more than enough to achieve a shift in thinking. I will support you throughout that process. Having worked with over 350 clients all around the world in a 30 minute format, I know how to get you there. After agreeing how best we can work together, we dive straight in. We explore the topic and what challenges you, discuss what could be possible, get clear around what could work in practice and choose next steps that suit you. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Next time you’re feeling stuck or going round in circles, why not book a session with me and give it a try?
75 $ 75
Duration 30 Min.

50 Minute Video Session

115 $ 115
Duration 50 Min.

90 Minute Video Session

195 $ 195
Duration 90 Min.

Leadership 6 Month Package

Towards Conscious Leadership - who will you become?
Life is an ongoing journey, the only constant being change. When did you last check that you were on track? How do you know you are showing up in life as you intend, or not?

Whether or not you identify as a leader, we all assume this role in various aspects of our lives. You may have been told that it is selfish to consider your own needs and that you should put others first. The truth is that unless you consider and prioritise your needs, no one else will.

Given the overload that we all experience, it is easy to become unconscious, on autopilot if you will. This comprehensive program gives you space to step out of the daily challenges, to reassess and choose the leadership you wish to exhibit from hereon.

The structured program explores all the key components of successful leadership. This includes:

- Vision - Where are you headed?

- Purpose - Finding your “Why?”

- Integrity - Living your values

- Curiosity - Exploring possibilities

- Passion - Finding your motivation

- Confidence - Growing your self-belief

- Positivity - Coping with challenges

- Communication - Flex your style

- Decision making - Avoiding procrastination

- Empowering others - Support others to succeed

After just 12 sessions, you will leave equipped to bring your unique version of leadership to fruition, applying this learning to both your personal and professional lives.

What you get in “The Leader you will become” package:

- 90 min discovery call

- 10 x 50 minute coaching calls

- 1 x 50 minute celebration and “where next?” call

- Activities between sessions. Experiment, learn new behaviours and build your confidence

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde

There is only one you. Don’t waste another moment - take charge of your destiny and bring your unique leadership to the world. The world needs you now!
1395 $ 1395
Duration 50 Min.
Session 12


I found this coaching session effective and engaging
9 October 2020
I feel more confident and empowered as a result of my session
6 October 2020
It was good to have many thoughts about my future confirmed. I feel even more encouraged to look for change in my life.
3 October 2020
I enjoyed the sessions with Craig and he has given me some good ideas how to prepare myself for the job market again
1 October 2020
I was a little dubious about these coaching sessions, but have found them to be very helpful. Craig was so supportive, understanding, and seemed to get "me", which really helped. I have some challenges ahead but feel a little more equipped to face them now, and have some great feedback and suggestions to work from. Thanks Craig!!
28 September 2020
Craig’s coaching is insightful, practical and rewarding. Amazing how much we went through in just 30 minutes. It has made a positive impact on how I lead my team. I just wish that there had been an opportunity to continue the coaching over a longer time frame. It would enable my team and I to deliver on our challenging objectives whilst feeling supported. Leader, Global Tech company.
7 September 2020
I've worked with a couple of my own organisation’s facilitated coaches since our brief period working together. I can honestly say that you were able to achieve more in the 3 @ 30 minute sessions we had than in 10 hours with others. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to work with you again. Director, Global multinational company
1 September 2020
I really appreciated the insights and professionalism with which Craig approached the conversations. His ability to adapt the conversation to the most pressing issues identified is invaluable. His manner is very warm and approachable. This really made the whole session a really great experience. It exceeded my expectations, especially considering that I was not really looking forward to attending the follow-up coaching sessions. CEO, Global internet group and tech investor.
20 August 2020