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Desi Jagger

Desi Jagger

Life & Leadership Coach. I help Changemakers to develop self-worth, engage others, and focus on what matters most.

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22 Jul 02:00

30 Minute Video Session

Desi Jagger

From a 7 year corporate background in Procter & Gamble, I understand the challenges that professionals face. I also know that there is more to people than their 9 to 5. This is where I leverage my professional coach training and certification CPCC and ACC, from two of the most respected organizations globally.

What makes me who I am? Besides my experience leading diverse multi-functional teams, doing brand management, training and coaching, I am also a cancer survivor. I have seen the power of the mindset and I live by the principles I use in my coaching. I have seen how our thoughts can help us overcome the toughest challenges, I have experienced how we adapt to changes in our emotions, behavior and physical bodies and I know how mental clarity and focus can power us through anything.

With me, you will get someone who respects the professional side of life and cares deeply for the personal. My clients from all around the world walk away more self-aware, able to engage and more focused than when they began their coaching journey.


  • Building confidence and self-worth
  • Navigating uncertainty
  • Managing change
  • Engaging teams
  • Identifying/ focusing on priorities
  • Career progression 


  • University of Edinburgh
  • HEC Paris

Professional Background:

  • 7 years brand management in Procter & Gamble
  • 5 years running my own coaching business 


  • CPCC - Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
  • ACC - Accredited Certified Coach with ICF (International Coach Federation)
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Desi is a genuine coach who allows you to explore and discover possibilities, often in a fun way. Her style provides a liberating environment where it becomes easy to open up about significant issues. My biggest “aha” moment was when I realized that helping other people can sometimes be harmful to me. I now try to control and balance such activities. I still like to help people! Desi is the perfect coach for anyone who hesitates to articulate to other people their real struggles.
24 August 2020
When I reached out for coaching, I had a lot of conflicting priorities. Desi helped me to find my truth and to navigate changes. Her coaching is action-focused, deeply caring, and caters to those who really want to make a change. Her direct style forced me to be honest with myself, to confront my fears head-on. I loved it. It was refreshing and has changed the way I reflect and feedback to myself. I see the effect she’s had on me to this day, 3 years after coaching. 100% worth the investment of my time and money.
20 August 2020
Desi inspired and motivated me to define my current career path and live a life in congruence with my values and passions. She is an incredibly talented, natural coach. With Desi’s optimistic vitality and consistent support, the mental stressor that comes with my big career transition became an exciting personal growth process. I was able to find the right attitudes to deal with change and failure. I highly recommend Desi’s coaching who wants to define their vision or to overcome obstacles to achieve it. Looking at the big unknown by myself scared me but Desi was able to break it down step by step and helped me figure it out all the way.
17 August 2020
Positive vibes, safe space, listening to understand (not listening to respond) is what I appreciate most about working with Desi. Coaching helps you to find answers by yourself, from within. Most of the time it wasn’t even about the answers but about the journey of arriving to them. The sessions helped me put things into perspective and made me realize that many times things are worse in my head, than they are in reality. This brought calm and courage to face the challenges. Desi’s coaching is for those who have been prioritizing everything else except themselves. It’s time to invest some time to grow not only our bank accounts, but also our emotional and self-awareness accounts.
17 August 2020
During my term at American Hospital as COO, I contracted with Desi Jagger to provide coaching to our physician and manager teams as part of our leadership development program. I appreciated her ability to quickly understand the challenges that our leadership teams were working to address. Many leaders stated that the coaching they received from Desi enabled them to move forward to address their current challenges and to appreciate the value that they brought to the organization. They felt more creative, resourceful and empowered. Coaching is perfect for supervisors, managers, directors and senior leadership. Coaching can enable us to see problems from different perspectives and allow us to explore more creative solutions.
3 August 2020
As a leader in a complex and changing environment, I often felt torn between the right thing to do for the organization, my direct reports, and my own values. During this time, Desi was the perfect mental reinforcement with her optimism, energy and consistent support. She helped me unpack and then repack my own confusing thoughts and empowered me to find my inner strength and eliminate fear. I was able to look at the problems in different ways and find meaningful solutions, not only in my professional but also personal life. Desi introduced me to the concepts of being present and making space. I would recommend Desi to anyone looking for a sincere, flexible, intuitive, and passionate coach.
23 July 2020
I came to Desi to explore my life choices and career options. Desi’s holistic approach to coaching helped me define my personal values, think about my life purpose and dig deep into some of my ‘saboteurs.’ Desi consistently tried to push my boundaries and never gave up when answers wouldn’t come straight away! With Desi I (re)connected with my intuition and I learnt to trust myself more.
15 July 2020