Gurcan Gurel

Gurcan Gurel

Breath Coach and yoga teacher deeply immersed in breath for 20 years. Using the power of breathing in business life while running my own engineering company.

Gurcan Gurel

I was born in Ankara, raised in Istanbul, took my MS in mechanical engineering in Berlin and my MBA in San Diego.
My conscious love affair with Breath began at age of 7 when I was introduced to swimming and later on to Waterpolo leading to a path of 20 years competitive arena all the way to the national team in both disciplines. Followed by 12 years in various fitness activities I, later on, discovered the sacred world of yoga. Breath is an intrinsic part of yoga and what I discovered was that the more you dwell on it the deeper it gets. I was fortunate to work with wonderful teachers attending a variety of workshops & seminars.

In parallel to all these, I founded my own engineering company in energy 30 years ago, which I am still actively involved in, facing all kinds of challenges executing projects in various locations in four continents. There I also discovered the power of Breath for staying concentrated during long hours of stressful meetings.

Whether it is your business life, your sports performance, your sleep quality, or your relationship with others your conscious awareness of your Breath is an extremely powerful tool.

Among all other autonomous functions in your body, your respiratory system is the only one that you can actively command. Breath is such a powerful tool as understanding the basics of the O2/CO2 exchange in your lungs repeating itself every day 25.000 times and implementing correct Breathing patterns into your daily life opens up new frontiers in your physical- and mental health beyond your imagination.

Correct Breathing is the key to health whether you are lacking mental clarity, unstable nervous system or complaining of low energy, headaches, back pain, dry skin, hormonal imbalance, etc.

You can then implement the basic knowledge you learn in one session all through your life.

Certification and Education:

  • Yoga Teacher at YogaShala, Istanbul
  • Art of Sequencing workshop, Nefess Yoga, Istanbul
  • Psoas workshop, YogaTime, Istanbul
  • Restoring Prana, online Breathing Workshop with Robin Rothenberg
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