Josh Campbell

Josh Campbell

Health, Fitness & Confidence Coach; Helping the Sensitive find Strength with a Refreshingly Holistic Approach to Life

Josh Campbell

As a Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Coach - with 7 years of personal experience, an ACT, and 2 years of Professional Personal Trainer; I'm on a mission to help you find freedom and fun with their fitness. Offering Mentoring, coaching and bespoke programming with character. Whether it be an intimate 1:1, or a one-off program purchase - You'll win the Coaching that is Effective, Time Smart, Results-Orientated, in the pursuit for your Highest performing self.

The Health Hunk Method not only the king’s the ring in Strength, Cardio & Conditioning, Bodybuilding, and Athletic Performance but takes a unique emotionally intelligent stance to getting back into your well-deserved physical, mental and emotional FLOW.
Backed by a Business & Psychology Degree, counseling qualifications, and two years as a University Mental Health Mentor/Therapist, I’ve worked with 100s of students, and dozens of clients to realise and overcome their mental barriers, self-doubt, debilitating fears and mental-health issues with NLP, Therapy, Lifestyle, Motivation, and High-Performance Coaching.

Having bounced back from deep-depression to being featured on the National News, prime-time TV, and prancing around Celebrity parties as Butler in the Buff; I want to coach others that it takes an inner-grit, determination, and conscious effort in working out, eating right, and understanding mental-wellbeing to continue and consistently break limiting beliefs.

The Health Hunk’s mission is to empower, inject and infect an unfound confidence and positivity in men, & women alike, who just like my past self, might be suffering alone, silently, to create their very own hunky breakthrough.

Education & Experience:

  • BSc First Honours in Business and Psychology at Uni of Surrey
  • ACT Personal Training
  • 1 year Experience in Popular Bali Functional Gym (Canggu Nest)
  • Mental Health Mentor and Team Leader at the University of Surrey
  • Life & Accountability Coaching NLP
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • Online Life Coaching 2 years as the Health Hunk.
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Hi, I’m Nina, an Indonesian Marketeer, living in Bali. I’d discovered The Health Hunk at an event, and through instagram - he continued to resonate with the pain I was going under. It all began in Dec 2018, when I’d recently gone through heartbreak, feeling lost, and a mess - I was forgetting to look after my wellbeing and self-worth. I then began to forgive, and came round to the idea of starting my self-love journey with Josh. It was the best move I ever made to kick off my journey. Surprisingly, he’s not only a health coach but a huge positive influence with his messaging, and content. So I reached out to join his 12 Week Coaching Bootcamp. I was a little uncertain at first, though this washed away and gave me reassurance as soon as the first call began, and the material came in. I’m a massive detail person, I found things I’d never seen or experienced with other coches before. He has a working system, a clear program for both fitness and personal development. There are targets and step-by-steps, while he was there to support and correct me when I was uncertain or needed accountability. He’s a genuine caring person, a great listener and for sure knows what he’s doing as a Health Coach! After the 3 months I had made a turning point, I felt much more clarity, and continuously until the end of the program, realised more and more what I wanted to achieve in life, reclaim self-worth and boost confidence. While Josh helped empower me with knowledge to be more conscious in my fitness and controlling eating habits and choices, automatically. Come the end of the program, I’m now much more confident. I'm grateful with who I already am, now, happier and healthier. Ultimately I have regained the self-love that was previously absent, and am grateful for every single day. Thanks for your hard work, and full-heart on this program, Josh (Health Hunk). I am so grateful God sent the right person for this self-love journey. You are amazing, and I would love to work with you again on another occasion.
7 August 2020
Josh is very high energy and I feel that he really cares about your success. Hopefully, there will be a great transformation and I can be truly proud of my journey.
1 June 2020
I have a psychologist and Josh coaching me. Josh is working way better for me personally then the psychologist though. We talk better and he doesn't just sit there and listen and nod his head, he really listens, checked in listening and he gives me tools, checks in on me and makes me do my home work. Its a journey with him not a one off session in a room.
3 May 2020
Great Coach! Such a charming energy, I immediately felt connected and comfortable.
1 May 2020
I’ve struggled with gym motivation & accountability on and off for years. Absolute best thing working with josh. Adapts training plans, and sends tailored content for support.
3 April 2020
I have been a member of a gym off and on for years but struggled with motivation and accountability, and a face to face personal trainer was always way too expensive. I wanted to lose weight, but mainly I just wanted to improve my confidence so I could get to a place where I wanted to go and workout and not dread it. The absolute best thing about working with Josh was that he was always eager to adapt training plans based on my needs as well as send video tutorials for movements that I was confused about. In the end the gym just wasn't the right place for me because I felt a lot of intimidation (gym-timidation if you will) and having suffered from anxiety I needed to be able to work out in private. This was no problem for Josh and he adapted my training plan to be home workouts and offered support along the way. I now have a regular workout routine, and most importantly I do what works for me and not what I think I should be doing because of pressures from other places. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with motivation and confidence around working out to get in touch with Josh. He is THE nicest guy (don't let those dashing good looks and rippling muscles put you off - he's much more than what you see on the box) and he will guide you through your journey like a pro.
3 March 2020
I was hesitant to try a health and fitness coach and to feel intimidated, but Josh was the opposite of intimidating. He was kind, and immediately put me at ease. I feel excited to start this journey to a more confident me with him.
27 February 2020
Hi, my name is Rafael, I live in Mexico, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently in my last year of college, I also have 2 jobs related to my career which is Business Management. I tried to work out in the past and have a healthy diet but I always failed, so I wasn´t giving importance to that anymore, until I found the Health Hunk and I felt motivated to start that kind of lifestyle, cause I’m a really skinny person and I’ve always struggle a lot with clothes ‘cause they don’t fit me as good as I would like, and I’ve always wanted to have a good muscular body, so I messaged him and he convinced me to start a plan with him. I was afraid first of all about the money, cause as a student I don´t have that much money, but he offered me a plan that fitted just right to my finances, the other thing I was afraid of was that I wouldn´t have the time to follow everything on the plan.   But I started and I felt great working out, Josh really motivated me a lot to continue, there were some days I felt tired and didn´t wanna workout but just by thinking of what I was going to achieve made me get out of bed and go to work out. I started seeing physical changes in the first week like I could notice the muscles in my legs, and I was surprised and happy about it, and that made me push harder, I even gained weight which was a really hard thing for me to do.   Josh also gave me the Momentum Journal which is a very helpful tool to organize my day and to see what went right and what went wrong so I can change that. Also it helped me to be thankful no matter what happened that day, there’s always something to be thankful for. There´s a lot of things I have to improve but the Momentum Journal made me realize of that things and I’m currently working on them, like I´m a perfectionist and I tend to stress a lot but now I realize when I do that and I try to stay calm. With this tool I also made time on my day to work out and to have a time to myself even though I have a really busy day.   “I can say that Josh really knows what he is doing and he´s a really kind person that wants you to be the best version of yourself, he’s always checking on you and solving your doubts and most of all he´s always motivating you and for me that was the greatest thing on earth, because I was just starting this journey and I really needed someone to push me and he did a great job on this. This is only the start of my journey but I can see a lot of changes, both physical and emotional, and I just wanna keep going, keeping it Healthy and Keeping It Hunky!”
22 February 2020
Week 4 into my boot camp with Josh and he is one person who believes in me. I’m learning so much from him. Resilience, self worth and the knowledge to know what serves me and what doesn’t. I’ve worked on practicing my responses and where my energy needs to be. He has taught me the value of Self Care and the importance on making time for you. He has given me the strength to know my tolerances and what I deserve and to remove those things that don’t serve as a positive purpose in my life. Josh is a health, fitness and confidence coach. He has worked closely with me in nutrition and fitness to design me my own program suited to where I am and what I’m looking for in my self care journey. He gives you direction and guidance on everything in life, giving you the tools and knowledge to manifest your best life. The program is so tailored to suit everything about me and this is because Josh cares. He loves what he does. I am so blessed to have found him when I really needed it most. He is my Health Hunk Angel. I highly recommend Josh if you want the self care journey too. You won’t be disappointed. This man has a wealth of knowledge and there is nothing you can’t talk about with him. He is raw, honest and dedicated and I’ll be thanking him for a lifetime for coming along and rebooting my life.
15 February 2020
100% authentic and professional. If you're looking for someone who really knows about fitness and health, then you've come to the right place with Josh.
7 February 2020
Everything from meal and workout planning was custom done to my specs and while it wasn’t a walk in the park to stay hardcore dedicated and strict to the plan, Josh was always there to give me some inspo and support ???? Definitely recommend and personally, I’ll be signing on with him as soon as payday comes ???????????? My takeaway from the experience is this - When you sign up with any other PT, you get just that: a PT. When you sign up with #thehealthhunk, you get a trainer, a nutritionist, AND a real solid mate that you can count on for any sort of advice; at any time. Can’t wait to continue my fit journey with Josh soon! ????????
23 January 2020
I had a 30 minute coaching session with Josh. He not only understood exactly my feelings with mental health struggles, but based on his own experience was able to really help me think of a plan to get to a better state of mind. Highly recommend him.
18 January 2020