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Leighann Amanda

Leighann Amanda

I help driven people get the most out of life. I believe that life is its juiciest when we understand and master ou internal world.

Leighann Amanda

After completing my Psychology degree, I switched from a Masters in Clinical Counselling to be trained by two of the top-ranked coach training programs in the world. During my training I worked at a cancer clinic, surrounded by people who were directly faced with whether or not they were happy with their life, and their relationships. Some years later, after building a successful business and getting engaged to my dream man, he passed away suddenly - and my life got flipped upside down. My life since then has been an epic story of grief, resilience, creation, and joy; with an even more urgent hunger for helping people get what they want right now.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Self Love & Confidence
  • Money
  • Sexuality
  • Mindset
  • Identity
  • Grief
  • Health & Wellness


Psychology degree, multiple years trained by Landmark Worldwide, and a year-long program with Accomplishment Coaching, under the International Coach Federation.

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I just got off a horrible relationship that led to some bad eating habits and bouts of depression. My year in his Health Hunk Food and Fitness regimen gave me not only my body but my confidence back as well. When I wanted to lift heavy Josh was there with a routine. When I wanted to switch to keto— Josh provided meal prep options within my specified guidelines. When I eventually settled on pole dance he was there with a flexibility routine that helped me train up to my invert and crucifix pole tricks. But best of all Josh was there as mental health coach, making sure I hit my goals and didn’t shy away from the adversity that life and his training would provide. I can’t recommend his program enough!!!
12 August 2020
Very fruitful session with Leighann. The video call was great, and I will not only book another session, but also recommend her.
29 May 2020
Leighann was my first life coaching session. I had been a little hesitant in the past and would recommend her to anyone just starting out with this kind of service. She’s highly experienced, easy to talk to, and has a great attitude to coaching. I really felt she wanted to be there to hear me and help me.
29 March 2020
I have just decided to start using life coaching and begin investing time in understanding my own self a little better. Leighann’s attitude and approach to understanding “your internal world” is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.
20 January 2020