Reka Robinson

Reka Robinson

The Single Girls Life Coach. I help women discover their worth. You’re worthy regardless of your relationship status— having a man doesn’t determine that.

Reka Robinson

I’m on a mission to be a light for women; to encourage; to be a positive example; to share my story, and to show my strength despite my weaknesses; to allow God to use me. I began to share my trials and tribulations about my journey in life in 2017. The shame I had about my abusive ex and the embarrassment that I had about the “$10,000 boyfriend” I put aside to encourage women. I became vulnerable. What I have found is that there is always someone who has gone through what you’ve gone through and if you know that, you will feel less alone in this world. Loneliness is really about lack of connection and inspiration. The more I share my story the more I see that I can be a bridge to that connection! I’ve been well received in the Tri-Cities (WA) community and I have won multiple “People’s choice awards” and recently I won “Influencer of the year” by the Tri-Cities Creatives community. In March I was honored as a “Woman of Distinction” by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho! Volunteering and being present in my community, especially at the Virgie Robinson Elementary school in Pasco is very important to me. Fun fact: Virgie Robinson was my grandmother. Yes, there is an elementary school in Pasco named after my Dad’s mom. You will often hear me say that, ‘singleness is not a punishment’, and honestly, it can be your greatest asset! I truly believe this, and I want all women to know that you are enough, you are worthy and you have a purpose regardless of your relationship status. All women should know that self-awareness is your superpower and the key to true happiness. I’m happy to be a guide for women in helping them connect the dots to finding out who they really are and creating the life they want. It’s about your goals, getting them on paper and putting action to them to create your best life! Sometimes you need a coach and/or a motivational speaker for that. Hi, I’m Reka, your coach and motivational speaker.

I am a Certified Life Coach. I've helped my clients move the needle on what they believe makes them worthy. I've help my clients get out of debt, set better boundaries especially with men. I've helped my clients understand the difference between a healthy relationship vs. an unhealthy relationship. I've helped my clients truly understand what "know yourself, know your worth" means (for them). Self-care is not a one size fits all practice, it's about understanding your core values, who you are and what you want.

Radio is probably the reason why most people know me. Starting at Howard University (Yep! I'm a graduate of Howard University), radio has been my life for over 16 years. For the last 7 years, I’ve been the lead host of a morning morning show called the "Just me Reka Show". Being a woman in radio, with my name stamped so heavily on a radio show, is kind of a big deal. Because unfortunately, you won’t find many women leading morning shows when it comes to radio.

Wanting to have a bigger voice and see a bigger change with women, I started studying "life coaching" and figured out what that meant for me. I was so happy to add, Life Coaching And Motivational Speaking to my title!

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Since having Reka as a Coach, I’ve been making a lot of life changes. I’ve paid off my car, raised my credit score 51 points, I’ve even been able to keep at least $300 in my bank account between paychecks.
9 August 2020
I was completely lost and listening to Reka has really helped. It’s sad when family and friends don’t understand or support you because you choose to focus on yourself, career, your dreams and desires, your happiness. Thanks for teaching me and other women to value ourselves and to respect ourselves. And that we deserve better!
5 June 2020
I started an online business last July and had let it lay dormant. While reading a book she suggested, I decided to put some energy into my website, revamp it and promote. Now, I’ve been invited to book my very first vendor event!
24 May 2020
I’ve been working with Reka for a few months now and her guidance has changed my life. I felt like I had no one to share my joy with, then I said, hey! I have to tell Reka!
2 May 2020
I think you are a great life coach Reka. I think you’re doing great. You bring a lot to the table. Questions and topics that opened my eyes… that people never talked with me about before.
22 March 2020
I went through an emotional, traumatic break up last year that nearly broke me. I went to Reka her for help and instruction on how to get through the depression and hardships I was feeling at the time. Her knowledge and guidance helped me tremendously. Initially, seeing her I thought everything was geared towards women. But she's just as adept at helping men as she is with women. The tools she provides and positive affirmations were a great help in letting me know I was on the right path to healing. Getting through this rough patch in my life was easier with her constructive tools and effective encouragement.
19 February 2020