Before I was going to write this blog, I was reading all the possible tips in the media people give to other people on how to get out of their comfort zone, and its funny as I read them all, I am actually living out of my comfort zone every single day, and the best thing is I am loving it!!!!!

How do I know that?? because I am actually feeling the feelings you are supposed to feel every time I do them. So, I will show my list of things I did and still doing to get out of my comfort zone trying not to step on the danger zone or the one I called “the panic zone”.

In each of the areas I will show you how I am getting out of the comfort zone and whats the level of fear I feel every time I do them, and the most important thing is how I do to get those feelings of fear away and continue with my life getting the most out of it.

So, Here we go this is my list:

1) Get in front of the camera.


Record yourself telling a message you want to send that will impact people and that really matters to you and show it to the world. 

My fear feelings: Embarrassment and judgment.

Level of discomfort and stress: 8 out of 10.

I feel so embarrassed every time I do one of these videos, and I try to be the most honest and real person when I do them because of the community thats watching them. But, I still I feel those feelings. Its now part of my routine almost every day, and I am getting more used to talking in front of the camera, I try not to edit so much the videos and only cut the unnecessary parts.

Method to get out of fear: my method is actually thinking about the message and the content more and less about myself, then when I see the positive reaction of my audience it gives me strength to keep going.

2) Start Conversations with Strangers

Most people that know me think this is actually in my comfort zone, guess what? Its not. I do this frequently and I feel the same feelings with each new person I talk to. Starting conversations with strangers is difficult especially if you need to interview them for a challenge. I am currently interviewing at least 3 women a day and believe me its not easy at all. However, the good thing it is that your network grows and you never know maybe one of those strangers will change your life and will give you the opportunity to grow. 

My fear feeling: Rejection and  Judgment.

Level of stress and discomfort: 7 out of 10.

Method to get out of fear: Overtime I feel those fears, what I do is to just think all the positivity these people can bring and have brought into my life. Sometimes, there are people that won’t talk to me, but not everybody is for everybody. Overall, the “strangers” in my life have brought the best out of me, only with that in my mind, its enough reason to to keep meeting amazing people around the world.

3) Ask the Questions Others don’t like to

If I would meet random strangers, of course I will ask them questions most people won’t ask, like in my 100 day challenge. One of the questions is: what do you think about empowering women? I don’t think anybody asks these types of questions typically. But it is actually these questions that motivates people to say ” I love what are you doing”. That instantly changes my day for the better.

My fear feeling: Judgment .

Level of stress and discomfort: 4 out of 10.

Method to get out of fear: I think the method is looking back all the positive messages people said after I asked these questions.

4) Take Nothing for Granted

Actually, I used to take things for granted, and when you actually take things for granted it means you didn’t suffer, pain is gain, I truly believe in that, and when you suffer you start by taking nothing for granted. Appreciating everything every day is a challenge. 

My fear feeling: Uncertainty and Suffering

Level of discomfort and stress: 8 of 10.

Method to get out of fear: think as if every day your life can turn around at any moment and even if you have to suffer you will get out of it, because you are strong. So take nothing for granted because some day you can have it and some other day you might not. You will end up enjoying each and every day more.

5) Agree to Something you Wouldn’t Normally Consider

So I put this in my list because I am very stubborn. I have learned with time that sometimes you need to jump and say “yes” to something new or something you would have say no in the past. Therefore, try to say yes because when life is offering you something it might be for a reason. Especially if you don’t know what would be the result you will be amazed by all the things that can end up happening from new experiences. 

My fear feeling: Uncertainty and waste of time.

Level of stress and discomfort: 8 of 10.

Method to get out of fear: Being brave and trying to always think about the positive outcomes that could happen if I say yes, and then focus on what I learned from the experience.