Arnold Schwarzenegger is a world renowned Austrian-American actor, filmmaker, businessman, author, and former professional bodybuilder and politician. He has dominated and become a champion of every single field he enters into and has inspired the world with this drive, and motivation. He has done many speeches on how to get this mindset and adopting his mindset can be a huge asset in your journey to bettering yourself. 

Step 1: Have Vision

There is one speech in particular where he discusses adopting the mindset of a champion. In this he begins by saying that before you take on any goals you have for yourself either physically mentally  or emotionally you need to have a plan. You need to visualize it and understand perfectly which direction you want to go in. Afterall, you can have the most beautiful ship but without a captain you are simply drifting around in the sea. So establish this vision, know the direction you want to go in. 

Step 2: Be Certain Mentally

Once you have visualized your goal, you then need to be mentally dedicated to it. You can’t have a “maybe” mindset, you need to know what you want and know 100% you are going to make it happen. Know that you will do whatever it takes. In order to adapt this mentality, he recommends doing research. Not only be dedicated to the idea of success in your mind, but read motivational books, research, watch videos, anything! Anything that will help solidify certainty in your own mind. He goes on to say that after all, if you don’t fully believe it yourself who else will? No one else can make things happen for you in life except for you. If books and research aren't enough you can always turn to life coaching services to help you get started down the right path. 

Step 3: Actualizing Your Goal

Now that you have established this hunger and drive for your goals. Whether they be longer or short term start making plans to make them happen. One thing Arnold talks about in regards to this is the idea of time. There are 24 hours in a day and a human only needs 6 hours of sleep a day. That leaves 18 hours to invest in your family, loved ones, friends, hobbies to learn something new, your goals or to develop yourself in various aspects of your life. If you don’t use the most of this time then you will never achieve your goals. Stop making excuses. Many people say “I don’t have time, I’m too busy”. This is an excuse, you will make the time for what you know needs to get done. Be dedicated to changing your routine to better make use of the time you have. This overtime will only increase your motivation. Still not sure how to get your routine started? Luckily now some of the top life coaches in the world are available easily online and at your convenience. 

Step 4: Understanding No Pain No Gain 

Now that you have completed the previous steps it is key to remember that no matter what goals you set for yourself in life, there will be some push and some pain. You need to understand that achieving things, changing your mentality and growing will begin to get hard at some point. But if you push through that pain, that is when muscles begin to grow. Not only physically but your emotional and mental muscles. Make sure not to give up when it gets hard. Just know ahead of time your goals will take work and sacrifices. Lose the fear of failure and be determined to grow through the hard parts. After all, it’s all worth it in the end when you come out stronger and a better version of yourself later. Get in touch with an OnlifeCoach for life coach services online.