Life can be stressful. With work, family obligations, relationships etc. At some point or another it can seem overwhelming. Even in a small way on a daily basis. This is why it is important to create a safe space you can come home to.

Your home needs to be the place that when you come back after a busy day you immediately feel relaxed, at peace, and where you can finally take a moment and breath.

How to set up your safe space

  • Decoration. It may sound silly but decor can have a therapeutic effect. Not only is it a great way to express your creativity, but it can trigger relaxing emotions. Choose your favorite colors that calm you. For example studies show that white, gray, soft blue and green can all have a relaxing effect. Typically any neutral colors will ignite feelings of calm and emotional safety. try using scents like dried flowers, candles, incense, essential oils etc. Studies prove that scents like lavender and rose can help with stress relief.
  • Keep things organized. It is proven that when our homes or rooms are messy it can add to emotional distress. Keeping things tidy physically at home in our minds makes us feel more in control.
  • Light. Light innately makes us feel more invigorated and positive even when you are stuck at home working or doing chores. So keep the windows and shutters open! Try putting a mirror in the corner so it can reflect even more light.
  • Plants. Plants provide oxygen, they are a source of life. So having a source of life in your home can have a powerful mental affect. They bring life to your home, and push you to take care of something. Taking care of something is an act of kindness and the more acts of kindness we have in our daily lives, even as simple as watering a plan can have a powerful effect.
  • Open Space. Although you may love to have tons of decorations and elements in your home, the more open space you have and the less cluttered the room the more calm you will feel. Try using baskets to group things together, or bookshelves so all things are in one place instead of all over your home.

Setting up your home is more than decoration and making a place look “cute”. It is much more than that. Your physical living space is a representation of your mental and emotional stability. So take care of your home with as much care as you would take care of your own physical well being. These small steps will have a drastic impact on your well being and allow you to come home and actually feel at ease.

These are just a few tips to get you started, but book a session with a Life Coach today to figure out what else you can do to make your home and your life a little more peaceful.