One of the most meaningful things we can do with our lives is to push ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves. A great way to start doing that is to begin speaking with a life coach. Luckily OnlifeCoach provides just that. An opportunity to set goals for yourself and grow into a more self-aware driven version of yourself all will the guidance of professional help. However, there are many things you can do yourself to ensure your growth in-between sessions or before should you not quite be sure which direction to go in yet in terms of self-development. So whatever your purpose is, either way, this is the best step 1. Simple and easy enough: Get to know yourself. 

Self-awareness exercises to get to know yourself: 

Firstly let's begin by understanding why it is so important to be self-aware. When you are self-aware it means you are able to effectively comprehend your needs, your desire, your strengths, and weaknesses as well as your emotional triggers. Once you have an understanding of these fundamental elements of yourself you will be able to more easily control them. Strengthen the habits or traits you want to, and eliminate perhaps some bad habits or tendencies you have. Once you are able to do this, you are on the path to evolving, and molding yourself into the exact person you want to be. 

Ask yourself the deep stuff. 
A great first step is to begin by taking a piece of paper, and seeing how deeply you can answer the following few questions about yourself. Should you have any trouble? Not to worry OnlifeCoach has some of the best life coaches in the world to help you through it all.

  • What do you mind meaningful?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are some of your empowering beliefs and some of your limiting beliefs?
  • What emotions do you feel most of the time?
  • What impression do you create on others?
  • Who are you underneath the socially constructed person you present to the world? What are some of the differences between those two versions of people?

Take some personality tests.
The power of the internet is real and it can help you understand a lot about yourself. Try taking the following tests online to find out a little bit more about how your brain functions. 

After taking these if you're still not sure you feel done exploring yourself not to worry! There's always more you can do, and more OnlifeCoach can help you do. Remember you can always sign up for a motivational life coach that fits you and your needs perfectly. 

Figure out what some of your weaknesses are. 
This can be done by simply asking these questions - try writing it on a piece of paper again. 

  • What tasks do you keep avoiding?
  • Reflect on some of your past failures. Are there any patterns or similarities between them?
  • Think about some of the evaluations you have received. Is there something your peers, friends, and colleagues have continuously told you to work on?

Maybe these are hard questions to answer and for a lot of people, they are. There is nothing more difficult than having to be critical with yourself and 100% honest. However, with a healthy and supportive coaching relationship, there's no reason you won't get to a comfortable place confronting yourself. 

Get some other opinions!
Go to some of your closest friends. Ask them for honest, upfront feedback and comments on your personality. The good the bad and the ugly. But be sure you are actually ready to hear it and take in what they might have to say. 

Understand your automatic thought process.
This is a great way to understand how you process big moments in your life. Either the good ones or the bad ones. As it turns out there are three cognitive ways of thinking that you should watch out for if it applies to you. 

  • All or nothing thinking: Seeing things too much as black and white. You are either a failure or a success and nothing in between.
  • Mental filter: You focus on one single defeat or failure and hyper focus on it, unable to process and move forward with other elements of your life.
  • Disqualifying the positive: unable to accept or process positive moments or achievements in your life. You find a way to make an excuse for them to “not count” for some reason or another. 

These are just a few exercises to get you started but there are tons more that you can learn from OnlifeCoach’s life coaches. Once you start understanding your brain, your emotions and how you approach life you will begin to understand which aspects of yourself you might want to work on or improve. However, should you still not be sure after trying some of these exercises OnlifeCoach is a great way to help you figure out what it all means. Sign up, try out a coach and get started on the newest chapter of your life.