Herzberg’s motivation theory relates a lot to work and organizational structure. It suggests that there are elements an organization can focus on to increase motivation in the workplace. This ultimately making employees happier, more productive, and allows the business to thrive. 

Factor 1: Motivators. This includes recognizing employee achievements, giving public recognition to employees or a team that did a job well, opportunities for advancement, financial bonuses and motivators etc. Essentially anything that allows employees to feel there is room from growth, they are heard, seen, and appreciated. 

Factor 2: Hygiene factors. This factor is interesting in that it won’t necessarily make your employees work harder, however it will demotivate employees if they are lacking. Hygiene also doesn’t mean specifically clean bathrooms and trash cans. It also means a sense of security and structure. So having things instilled like company policies and rules, healthy relationships between upper management and lower management, good work conditions, decent salary, and job security. This kind of structure allows employees to feel safe and taken care of. When they are, they will tend to work harder and not feel as much stress in the workplace. 

How do these factors play out in the workplace?

According to Herzberg’s theory these factors can merge together and bring up 1 of 4 outcomes. 

  • High Hygiene and high motivation. 
    The perfect situation. One that every business should push for. This means everyone is happy, safe, motivated and working hard.
  • High Hygiene and low motivation.
    Meaning employees feel safe, structured and secure, however they don’t have much motivation to work hard. They might find their work boring and are essentially just there to do the bare minimum and pick up the pay check at the end of the month.
  • Low Hygiene and High Motivation.
    Often this scenario will show itself in startups. It is where employees are highly excited by their work, find it challenging, they feel satisfied with management however they feel not as taken care of as other more established businesses that might even be in the same industry.
  • Low Hygiene and Low Motivation. 
    Clearly the worst of the worst. People are unmotivated, and insecure at work. Most likely if your company is facing this they will begin losing employees fast. 

What can you do with this information?

Once you have established where your company falls in these various categories it can make a huge difference. Either as an employee where you can give advice to upper management or as a business and you can start making changes and making your employees a little happier and help the functionality of your business. Additionally, you can get in touch with OnlifeCoach’s coaching service and help you figure out what little changes you can do in your life to be better. Afterall with the help of a business coach, you may be able to bring your company to the next level! So good luck! Get started, and start making some positive changes.