Uncertainty is unfortunately an element of life we will forever have to deal with. With that in mind, it makes it all that much more important for us to learn to live with it and manage it in a healthy way.

Why is uncertainty so unpleasant?

Being uncertain essentiality disrupts our ability to plan for our futures. When it comes to brain function this can be difficult to manage. The reason being we as humans make decisions for our future based on our past experiences. However, if you are dealing with unknown elements or the future is unclear etc. it means our brains can’t rely on previous experiences to tell us how things will go. This of course leads to more stress and more anxiety.

Why is this damaging?

Beyond the stress and anxiety, this can manifest and become chronic. As our minds try to regain some control we start spending endless hours coming up with every possible scenario for our futures. Which of course, is simply a waste of energy, time and resources that could be allocated to something much healthier.

So how do you start dealing with uncertainty?

  • Maintain a schedule. Having a consistent routine can help dramatically when it comes to feeling like you aren’t certain about things. This can mean just making sure you eat consistently and have a stable sleeping schedule etc.
  • Focus on what you CAN control. So try to stop yourself from going down the anxious spiral. Focus on the small things you can control like your work time, family time, daily routine etc.

Even just practicing these two things will help help you adjust. After all, accepting uncertainty is key to finding mental health and peace of mind. You will soon start to feel like you can take on all of life’s challenges head-on and be far less overwhelmed by it.