It is crucial in today's world for us to use our voices and speak up when it really matters. Furthermore that we express ourselves not to be who we think we should be or who we think others want us to be. You have to use your voice to be you. Speak your mind, say exactly what you are thinking, be true to yourself and what is in your heart and soul.

5 tips to be heard more effectively :

  • Stick with the first version

Many of us will continuously revise what we would like to say. We reword, restructure, and try to clarify. However, when we do this too much often the original message is diluted and becomes more confusing for the listener. More often than not the first version, the one that initially popped into our heads, is simpler and easier to understand. So keep it simple: write that. say that.

  • Practice assertive communication

Some people are afraid to communicate assertively because they worry about seeming too dominant or cold. However, assertive communication is more about speaking up for your own ideas and needs while respecting those of others. It is a balance between being clear and strong in your own opinions, but willing to hear others. 

  • Start honest and end honest

Whatever form of communication you are engaging in whether it be writing or verbal start the beginning keeping in mind your end goal. It keeps the message clear and consistent from beginning to end and the listener has an easier time following you. Furthermore, it makes your argument more persuasive rather than confusing with random changes and inconsistent flow.

  • Surround yourself with good people

How closed off a person or how open or closed a person is in terms of communication has a lot to do with the people around them. Be with people that are healthy, positive and good communicators. Spend time with those that nourish raw expression, not those that pressure you to hold back or rethink.

  • Keep yourself well-informed

Between people and resources, we have access to a lot of information. If you are passionate about a topic, but not quite sure of the facts or the story behind it, find out! The more factual information you have, the more easily you will be able to discuss and communicate in terms of that topic. 

  • Ask questions

I don’t know if we are all too proud or if this generation really is that insecure, but it is not a sign of weakness to ask a question. As a matter of fact, it demonstrates strength. You are strong enough and smart enough to utilize the wealth of knowledge that you are surrounded with to grow and share.

We shouldn’t be embarrassed about what we have to offer to this world. There isn’t a wrong opinion. There isn’t a wrong way to live life or a correct path of life to choose. That’s the power that we humans have, we are all our own person. We have the power of choice. We make decisions about how we want to express ourselves and live every day. The only way you can mess up is if you aren’t being honest to yourself and to your beliefs. There was no “you” before you, so there are no comparisons to be made or worries to be had. If you are being true to yourself and using what is in your reach to strengthen and empower yourself and those around you, then you are doing it right.