The power of your state of mind is truly undeniable. And the fact is, most of what you feel in life in terms of negative feelings is your own choice. If you are able to hone in and take control of your mind and your way of thinking you will see that most of what you believe is limiting in your life, is your own doing. 

Now it is only natural to have doubts and concerns, and most of us repeat our fears to ourselves again and again. This may never go away, however there are a few things you can do to limit them. And when you limit them and take control you will see the way in which you perceive your life is completely different and will shift entirely. 

Here are various limiting beliefs that are the most common, and a few ways you can shift your perception. 

  • “People won’t like me if I’m successful” 
    This type of thinking will end up hindering your ability to be successful and move forward. Where does it come from? The fact that most of us judge those who are more successful than us. However, the reality is that you can absolutely move up in your career and find success while still maintaining healthy relationships with those around you. 
  • “Everyone is watching me and judging me”
    Nobody is watching you. It might surprise you but everyone is almost exclusively focused on themselves and their own problems. Let this one go. 
  • “The only way for me to financially secure is to work all the time” 
    This type of thinking is mostly ingrained in us by society. The concept that we must be in rat race mode and be constantly work in order to get by and live a prosperous wealthy life. However, even from research, it is clear that really successful people who are financially secure are the ones who have found a way to balance between downtime and work time. 
  • “I’m being judged for not making progress” 
    The only one judging you is you. Unless you have hovering judgemental parents, no one is evaluating you and your success. If they are, simply ignore them because your journey is your own and no one else’s. Their opinion should be irrelevant. 
  • “This is as good as it gets. And I accept that”
    You have just set a limitation on yourself. If you believe that your state of being is at its prime, then guess what. It will be and it won’t get any better. You need to remove the barrier and you will get better. Essentially you get what you think you will get.
  • “I will never get over this” 
    There are some traumatic or painful experiences in life that you may never truly forget. But most of the time the overwhelming emotions associated with those events will fade with time. However, if you chose to hold on to them. Then you will in fact never get over your traumas and are doing yourself a disservice in terms of your healing. 
  • “This person is holding me back, and my life won’t get better until they stop” 
    No one has control over your life except for you. People can mildly or temporarily impact your negatively, but ultimately where you go on your life journey and the final outcome is your decision and yours alone. 

These are just a few, but the number of negative thoughts that cloud our minds and end up blocking our own ability to move forward is truly endless. However, if you can start with this list and begin changing your outlook on life, you will soon be able to apply it with any other negative restricting through that comes to you. And should you need a little help? OnlifeCoach has online life coaches readily available to help you start changing your mindset to live a more positive and purposeful life.