During uncertain times it is important to do everything we can to take care of our mind, bodies, and spirits and meditation can but just the key to that. Meditation is a great tool for any individual. However, it takes practice like any sport or activity. It doesn’t come naturally many. 

Some of the benefits of meditation?: 

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved blood circulation 
  • A lower heart rate 
  • Less anxiety 
  • Better state of well being 
  • Decreased stress 

Now that we have got you convinced, let’s go through what you can do at home to start meditating. So if you’re stuck working from home these days, take a break and try the following: 

  • First: find a place you feel comfortable. Either sitting or lying down. But somewhere you can fully settle into.
  • Second: Close your eyes. If that’s too difficult you can get a sleeping mask or eye pillows to help.
  • Third: Don’t worry too much about your breath. Just breathe naturally. While you are breathing focus on what is happening to your body as you breathe. Notice your chest movement, your rib cage, your shoulders. If your mind gets distracted and wanders off, just bring it back to focus on your breath and your body. 

That’s it! It’s that easy. Try this for a few minutes and overtime you can extend the period of time. 

What’s the point?

Well firstly giving your body a break throughout the day to do nothing but relax is a valuable gift. Secondly, it helps with breath control. People who struggle with anxiety often feel panicked and don’t realize breathing can help immensely with that. Lastly, it is about concentration. It may seem silly to focus so much time and energy focusing on your breathing, but the more you are able to develop your ability to stay concentrated the more control over your mind you have! Think of how that applies to your emotions. When you feel sad, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, angry etc. You will have trained your mind to concentrate on other things despite those feelings. 

So try it out, stay safe, and stay healthy!