It seems to prove true, time and time again, that successful people analyze themselves each morning…

What they hope to accomplish… what they have accomplished…in that order.

I use to spend what felt like countless hours trying to picture where I saw myself in 5 years… in 10 years… but I have come to realize that figuring out what you want and where you see yourself is the easiest part – it’s how to get there that makes you jump through countless hoops. With fail after fail… you re-evaluate what you even wanted in the first place.

Are you taking all the right steps to get there? Well no matter what your goals may be…in order to be taking the right steps, you must have your priorities in line. 1) Family 2) Career 3) Friends 4) Dating…. wait no…1) Career 2) Family 3) Dating 4) Friends…. wait…no…

The priority list continues to change as your focus shifts and you wonder if each plant you potted is getting its share of nourishment because you don’t really see that part of your life flourishing as you had imagined.

“I really thought I’d have my dream job by now” or “I really thought I’d be bringing home Mr./Mrs. Right this year for Christmas”.

It’s all a mess upstairs. We try to make sense of it, but with no concrete answers at hand – what do we do?

Duh… we compare!

Compare ourselves to our role models, to our friends, to our parents, to our exes (yikes) to ANYONE we deem worth comparing to. All their timelines are different… which leaves us with… nothing!

Back and forth we go scrimmaging with ourselves “well statistically I’m above the curve, but comparatively I’m behind.”

Left feeling exhausted and somewhat hopeless you start the thinking process all over. Yet somehow with a little bit more ambition, perspective, and anxiety than you had before.

Thus, my friends, I CONCLUDE – all of us innovators of social change are in the same boat and it is because we play this OVERTIME tennis match with ourselves.

That's where I come in to help! It’s time to take a step back. Take a deep breath and relax. We have to realize there is only so much we actually have control over, everything else is just based on our reactions. So, next time you find yourself stressing out about “life” and your personal timeline – try to remember that there is an overall plan, a lot of these stressors are out of your control. Acknowledge the feeling and then just let it be….

As a Certified Life Coach I am here to help guide you through these obstacles of life while letting go of all anxiety, stress & fear! Book an appointment with me today and let me help you change your life!