How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world.

As we grow up we start to realize that the way everyone around us lives their lives, analyzes the world, and makes decisions is very much the same. Yet there is this fundamental thought of “how do I live free, independently, and happily when it seems as though my life path has already been decided for me and lain out ahead of me?”

Author Chris Guillebeau and his book “The Art of Non-Conformity” goes into how you can break society’s rules, create your own, and live the life you want.

Three of the most powerful lessons he teaches you in regards to how to accomplish this:

1. “Your own competence is the best job security you can have”.

  • What does this mean? Essentially most of us, globally, stay in one job. We rely on that one source of income and put our futures in someone else’s hands. Although we make this decision precisely for security, when you think about it it is very risky. Depending on others to provide your only source of income and therefore survival. Chris Guillebeau talks about breaking this trend and start relying on yourself and your skillset for your future. Take a bet on yourself, trust your skills, trust what you can do, and let that guide your professional and financial decisions.

2. "Most gatekeepers just give you the illusion of freedom, so challenge them to get what you want”.

  • When you get a promotion at work it is something most of us get excited about. It is more money, more responsibility, and again our favorite word: more “security”. However, in most corporate and business settings the more responsibility and money you have the more restricted your role becomes. Make sure that you fight the system! Take on the role and the financial security, but make sure it gives you the freedom to still live a life that will be fulfilling to you. Where you can still be creative, be with your family, make real decisions, and not have to simply fall in line.

3. “Produce work that will outlive you and make the world a better place”.

  • Chris Guillebeau talks about a term he refers to as “Legacy work”. Meaning that most of us will have jobs, and careers, yet ones that make no real positive impact on the world around us. Imagine being able to make an impact, to improve the lives of those around you. Not only would it feel good, but it would allow you to tackle the existential crises we all face at some point: “what is my purpose here”. It will give yourself a sense of purpose, a sense of existing beyond yourself and your inner circle. 

These are just a few tips. But hopefully, it allows you to understand that you can break the mold. Live unconventionally, blaze your own trail and destiny. After all, what is conventional is just actions that have become repeated and mimicked throughout history. Why not change what is conventional and pave the way for a more fulfilling life for yourself and for future generations.