The benefits a pet brings to our children and our entire family are amazing.  Several studies have revealed the medical, physical, and psychological benefits of having a pet at home. Pediatricians discuss whether it is convenient for a child to have a pet because of allergies they may cause, however, we can always work within these limitations. If our son or any member of our family is allergic to dogs, for example, we can get a turtle or a fish instead. No matter what size or type of pet we have, it will help us in countless ways.

We need to keep in mind, when making the decision of bringing a new member (pet) into our family, that a pet needs specific care and love, but also will help us strengthen the bonds of love, create positive effects in all aspects of the lives of our children and ourselves.

We manage to obtain physical benefits when playing with our pet or cleaning the fish tank or garden. For example, dogs need to play, which means that our children, or ourselves, walk, run, or jump. Bunnies and turtles need us to keep our garden clean, fish need a clean fish tank, and this involves doing certain physical activities that are beneficial to health.

Having a pet at home is taking care of a life, and this develops various values in people. Knowing that we have to care for, protect, and meet the needs of a pet develops the values of responsibility, organization, reflection, and respect. Responsibility by caring, feeding, and taking to the vet; organization by managing time for care, cleaning, food purchase etc. The reflection and respect on life in charge, the decisions that we should and should not make when acquiring a pet.

Among the psychological benefits, we can find that pets provide unconditional affection, which makes the feelings of the people in charge of him or her emerge and allow them to be more open, communicative, positive, and happy. Because of purity in feelings and the growth process, our children are the ones who acquire the greatest psychological benefits when having a pet.
 "There are some studies that show that a child with a pet improves self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as strengthening the immune system of young people and lowering stress levels," said psychologist Fanny Franco, royal Canin advisor and specialist in child and adolescent care at the Si-Health Integral organization.
 If our children are in charge of a pet as a child, it is easier for them to develop high self-esteem and self-confidence, which helps them become more sociable, happy, and confident.  At the same time, they understand the cycle of life, birth-development-reproduction, and death.

It is scientifically proven that having a pet will obtain the following benefits:
1. Reducing blood pressure
2. Increased safety and self-esteem
3. Reduces stress
4. Lower the anxiety level
5. Encourages you to project feelings
6. Stimulates exercises
7.  Increases Serotonin and Dopamine Levels
8. Controls high blood pressure.

Having a pet is a beautiful thing. It's a life, it's one more member of the family. Consider all of these benefits but also think about the responsibilities a pet entails. Don't get a pet if you're not willing to take full, responsible care of it.