Firstly, it helps strengthen work culture.

When people within an organization feel they need to be accountable for their projects it means deadlines have greater meaning. It means people take long term goals more seriously and empowers everyone to celebrate and take their success more wholeheartedly.

Ensures Ownership.

Employees tend to feel more satisfied in work environments when they feel they have ownership and say in the projects they handle. It makes them feel empowered and heard. When employees are accountable for their projects they tend to take more pride in the delivery and outcome of the project as well.

Builds Trust.

When managers are able to hand the reins over to their employees and make them accountable for what they deliver it builds trust. It makes employees feel valued, and that their managers trust their minds, their opinions, and their ability to work well.

Everyone wants to feel heard, understand, and valued. In life generally, but specifically in the workplace where we spend most of our time. The more you can do as a business, or encourage your higher-ups to let your team members and colleagues feel accountable for their work and roles the better. The outcomes ripple out from the individual and increase the motivation and quality of work across entire departments.

Speak to a Business & Career Coach today to figure out how you can make accountability a more common theme and element within your work environment.