Sometimes one of the best things we can do to help ourselves is to look at others who have achieved extreme levels of success and learn from them. After all, if they were able to achieve a certain level of success and happiness there must be some pattern or behavior we can mimic. 

Today we are looking at Tony Robbins. One of the most famous businessmen in the world. Established himself as a NY Times bestseller, a philanthropist, and the number 1 business strategist across the United States. Touching over 50 million people he has shared his wisdom not only in terms of business success but self growth, self love, and self fulfillment. A key element for any kind of success you are looking for. Essentially is one of the most famous life coaches in the world. 

The difference between happiness and achievement and how they tie together:

There is one interview in particular where Tony Robbins discusses happiness and achievement. He starts out by saying that emotions are everything. That you must put them in high regard, and that your happiness and sense of inner peace is the most valuable thing. After all, you could have billions of dollars, millions of friends, married and with children and if you are not feeling positive inside and happy with yourself then all the rest of it means nothing. To this point he says it is important to remember that movement doesn’t mean the ultimate achievement so don’t get them confused. You could be busy at work, making money, working out, spending time with loved ones etc. All things indicating movement in life. But that doesn’t mean you are feeling fulfilled and actually achieving anything in life. It is simply movement. 

He goes on to say that this confusion of movement with achievement is something most people experience globally. Most people believe because they are busy they are on the way to happiness and success but the reality is that the average person is not successful, not happy, and not passionate in their love lives. 

So what can we do? The key is to find those few people around the world who are in fact happy, successful, and passionate and see what they are doing and then spread it around to everyone in the world. 

And what is the key?

Essentially it is growing the strength of your mind. It is being able to change your state of mind to a positive one at all times. It means being able to go from pissed off and then being able to channel it to a more positive emotion that will allow you to move forward. After all, life is just a stream of moments after moments, but how you approach them mentally will affect your happiness. It doesn’t mean not being sad. Of course there are struggles and trials and life, but it is not letting them dominate your entire frame of mind and take away your ability to be grateful and optimistic about the future.  

What else can you do?

Tony also mentions the importance of differentiating between suffering and pain. We will all feel pain in our lives. It is unavoidable, but how long and how hard you suffer is your own choice. In fact, suffering is just you thinking about you. So stop obsessing, stop letting suffering consume you and move on. Feel the pain, but don’t let it take over. People often think their sadness comes from external factors, but that is not in fact true. It comes from within. And if you have the mindset that your happiness or sadness is completely dependent on external factors then you will never ever be able to be happy. You need to be able to find it within yourself. This can be a difficult mentality to adopt and may require some additional help. So looking into a good life coach could be worth it. 

What is the possible outcome?

True satisfaction and gratitude for life. All you have to do is trade your expectations for life to an appreciation for life. Furthermore, change your definition of wealth. Wealth has to do with an abundance of satisfaction, and joy. You can choose to live a wealthy life starting right now. So take ownership, choose a beautiful state of mind every day and start living fully. Taking control of your own life is one of the most powerful things you can do. Even if it means needing some help, so don't wait another moment and find a spiritual life coach today!