When it comes to creating our reality and our life, there is no downtime. Every second of every day we are actively shaping our experiences with our active and most predominant thoughts and feelings in relation to what happens to us.

I made sure to throw in the word predominant because once we start consciously working with the law of attraction, we start getting all freaked out about our negative thoughts, bad moods, fears, doubts and all the other yucky emotions that makeup part of our human experience. Although some of these more negative feelings are natural, it is important to do what we can to make sure we are feeling more good, than bad. After all, whatever your predominant feelings are they will determine a lot of other elements of your life. 

The Law of Attraction

The thing about attraction is, we can only let things into our experience if we are a match to that experience NOW. That means if our predominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs contradict the thing we want, it will have a hell of a time making its way to us. This often doesn’t mean blocking a manifestation completely. It can usually make its way to us eventually, but it will take a lot longer than it has to, and it may be a bit of a watered-down version that you originally wanted.

For example, you may be able to work up some good vibes surrounding your business and more customers, but you aren’t quite stable, so a few may trickle in here and there, but there are still some barriers to getting the real results you desire. However, if you were able to channel only positive feelings, beliefs and efforts, you would see an unbelievable amount of new customers and success. 

Why Our Emotions Hold Us Back

When we hold onto our fears, and negative feelings people are often left wondering why they feel bad. Especially those people who do manage to manifest positivity at times, but not consistently. The reason is that you are not allowing positive energy to fully take over. Until you do, it cannot truly take hold and start making visible differences in your life. Furthermore, it has to do with mindset, not just positive thinking. For example if you think you cannot possibly be happy unless you reach your goals, you are not allowing for positive energy. In fact, it is saturated in pressure and the feal of failure. You need a fully positive and hopeful energy for you to really start growing and if not you will end up gravitating right back towards an unsatisfied and frustrated state of mind. 

Still Remembering we are Imperfect

Now, it is important to remember that we are humans and it is impossible for someone to be 100% fully motivated, happy and exciting at all times. It is only natural to get a little blue from time to time. But, just because acting in a certain way is understandable given our ‘imperfect’ human nature, this doesn’t give us the license to act in ways that don’t serve us. In some sense, we do have control over our mental state of being. 

Here are some tips to start taking more control of your mental state and bringing all your biggest wishes to life. However, let's remember changing how your brain operates and your focus will take some effort! But it will be well worth it. 

  • First off - remember that shifting your old way of thinking is a challenge. You need to find a way to convince yourself and believe that channeling new more positive feelings will be more conducive to creating your preferred reality. 
  • Secondly, remember that you may still slip back into negative ways of thinking and it is only natural. You may feel positive for a period of time and then find yourself slipping back right back to where you were before. But don't get disheartened. Just keep going! Try to keep the swing between highs and lows a little smaller.
  • The key to really changing your thought patterns, feelings and beliefs so the good stuff is predominant and more natural, is making the conscious effort to get into this space so you can build up that storehouse of positive energy. It takes some practice. There is some mental effort involved in stripping away the old conditioning and reprogramming your mind. It is like having taken the same route to work for 20 years, and all of a sudden having to change it up because of construction. Even though you are now aware of the construction, you are so programmed to go the other way, you may find yourself driving the old route without even realizing it.
  • You have to work on catching yourself when your train of thought is going down a path that isn’t serving you when you are focusing on what you don’t want, and then deliberately shift in the other direction. Realize the current path isn’t leading you to where you want to go, and resolve to travel the one that will.

This isn’t something that you have to do for hours a day. Don’t become obsessed with monitoring every single thought that would drive you crazy and it isn’t necessary. Stray negative thoughts will probably pop in here and there the key is not giving them any more power by dwelling on them. Take a few minutes each day and try to focus on what you want you don’t need to worry about getting super-specific, though if thinking a very detailed scenario feels good, go for it.

A Few Little Things You Can Do Daily To Improve Your State Of Mind

  • learn to be more fully present in the good moments in your day, no matter how small of a thing it may be. If we can really tune into that moment, and the positive emotion that is present, it can do wonders. It helps build some momentum behind positive energy. It can help us shift perspective. It can weaken the pull of any negative feelings and thoughts that might have been grabbing at us throughout the day. Some great little suggestions:
    • Sing your favorite song in the car on the way to work
    • Have a dance party at home 
    • Go out for a drink with your friends 
    • Watch a favorite TV show
    • Eat a good meal

Being present in these moments, rather than only being half-there, with our mind racing in a million different directions, can take a bit of practice, but it can be done. It comes down to making a choice, to allow yourself to enjoy these moments and to feel good. It comes down to ignoring your mind, who is shouting that this is corny, and you have problems to solve, and things to be unhappy about.


The Take-Away 

As much as you don’t think it’s possible and as challenging as it seems at times, you can start changing your emotional state for the better right now, no matter what you may be facing. You may not succeed every second, and that’s okay. If you can go from a nervous wreck about everything in your life to feeling truly good for even just 10 minutes, that is something to be celebrated. Don’t worry about having to go from being pretty miserable to awash in joy that leap would be very difficult to sustain. If feeling good is too much of a stretch right now, just aim to feel better. That’s fine too. And remember not to beat yourself up for falling back into old thought patterns, or getting consumed with doubt and fear. You are shifting to a whole new way of understanding reality; you are working on shifting beliefs you have carried for years and years; you are working on refuting all the ‘proof’ you have acquired they are valid and true. Just focus on shifting your energy as best you can, and you will start lining up with more and more stuff that you like, that you want. And you will get better and better at directing your focus, and you’ll let more and more in.