Confidence is important for every person. However, it is arguable that it is even more necessary for Women.


Because society, unfortunately, as well as culture and the professional system is against women. Women are told that we are supposed to be nurturers, home builders, physically beautiful, and nothing more.

But what about the fact that it is 2020? It is the 21st century after all. Women have proven and must continue to prove that we can do and accomplish anything despite what any man or any system says.

How do women accomplish this?

Confidence. Currently, there is a gender-based phenomenon where only 1 in 13 women will become business owners or entrepreneurs in the next 2 years as opposed to 1 in 5 men. This ratio difference is staggering and must be changed. Hence, the importance of confidence for women.

How do you build up confidence as a woman?

  • Use visualization. Picture yourself as what you want to be. This can be physical, in terms of how you carry yourself, personality, or anything.
  • Use affirmations. Outloud speak to yourself and remind yourself of how amazing you are, or beautiful or accomplished.
  • Stop negative thoughts. As soon as your inner critic starts to be harsh, remind yourself to stop this type of thinking and switch the thoughts to encouraging, self-love thoughts.
  • Stand tall. It may sound strange, but standing tall, upright, or even sitting upright is proven to help with confidence. Furthermore, it allows other people to see you more confidently.
  • Smile. Even if you feel uncomfortable, shy, or out of place. After all, they say fake it until you make it! If you project positive energy and confidence physically even if you don’t feel it, it will push others to see as a positive force and eventually, you will feel it as well.

These are just 5 simple steps you can do as a woman to increase confidence. Something that needs to be done as we battle gender inequality and attempt to change the world. You can always do more though. Be sure to book a session with a Life Coach to find out what else you can do to increase your confidence as a woman.