Andrea Pulido

Andrea Pulido

Andrea is a bilingual (English/Spanish) Clinical Psychologist and motivational speaker with more than 10 years of experience. She has helped hundreds of people.
Carla Favalli

Carla Favalli

"Author of "Your Patterns of Love" and Workbooks of Auto-Coaching. Will work with your beliefs, patterns, habits, and values. Radical changes over time.

A Divorce/ Uncoupling Coach will help you navigate the various emotions one feels after a divorce or break up. So whatever you are going through either thinking of a split, in the middle of a breakup or divorce, or carrying residual pain from a past relationship your coach will help you transition to a new more positive phase of life.

This is done through:

  • Finding the strength to respect yourself and your own needs as well as defining them
  • Releasing anger, resentment and pain through various mental exercises
  • Finding a sense of empowerment with your decision and or what happened
  • Channeling this sense of empowerment to grow and evolve into a stronger healthier version of yourself
  • Taking ownership of the next phase of your life open and ready for love in whatever way it comes

Your Divorce/ Uncoupling Coach will assist you in both understanding the past, processing and figuring out the pain you feel and why, and then help you set goals and a new frame of mind to emerge as a stronger more confident version of yourself. Allowing you to release and let go of the pain you are holding on to and make room for more positive things.

How Does It Work?

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