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Diksha Dogra

Diksha Dogra

Self - Improvement Coach - Rewire your brain, Re-discover yourself and become your best version.

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20 Jun 15:30

30 Minute Video Session

Diksha Dogra

I am an international Certified Life Coach, Communication Skills Trainer and Fashion Consultant and Author with an experience of more than 7 years in Corporate, Skill Centers, Schools, Colleges, NGO's and One to One Coaching. I have trained more than 2000 people across the globe. I will help you in reprogramming your brain to become your best version in the world. The objective of being passionate about this career is that life is the name of struggle. It brings hardships with it as soon as you step into this world. But the world is a jungle and the motto here is survival of the fittest. And the fittest is that person who knows how to keep hold and strong his own thoughts and behave accordingly. I want to show path/ approach to those people who feel like quitting because I have been through the hardest time in my life and it took me 25 years to know my passion and strength. If you are ready to wait for such a long time then you are making decisions with a fearful heart but if you are ready to rediscover yourself then you are making yourself ready to live your life with abundance and prosperity.

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I would recommend everyone to work with Diksha who wants themselves to be motivated in their life and develop their personality by enhancing their inner confidence. Diksha is a best coach for transforming lives. She is very positive and compassionate. If you want to add some spark in life then she is the best. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring such indispensable change in your life with the help of Diksha!
4 August 2020
I have always struggled with self-esteem issues. I have tried therapy of all kinds to improve this and never had much success. Diksha had a different way of explaining things and she’s definitely given me hope that I can build my self-esteem.
15 May 2020
Diksha was a great coach. We had a great session and I would recommend her and absolutely book again.
6 May 2020
Well… I’d suggest everyone to take recourse to this endeavor by Diksha so as to have a landmark change in your outlook, confidence and motivation levels. It’ll help you in multiple ways…. So start nurturing yourself by no one other than Diksha
1 May 2020
I had a 50 minute session with Diksha. She really listened to me, helped me figure out my next steps and I feel confident she will help me to a better me as we continue our sessions.
29 March 2020