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Elinor Miller

Elinor Miller

If you have ever felt stuck (in your life, career, relationship, etc.), or disappointed with yourself than I am the person to help you through it.

Elinor Miller

Elinor is a spiritual mutt, a neuroscience junkie, a coach, a speaker, and a yogi. She uses both the spiritual and the scientific worlds to help her clients transform from feeling frustrated, stuck and full of self-judgment to motivated, passionate, peaceful and full of self-love.

Elinor has been studying the teachings of Byron Katie, Daniel La Porte, Marie Forleo, Deepak Chopra, John Assaraf, Swami Rama and other great teachers in the spiritual, coaching and the neuroscience worlds.

In addition to coaching, speaking teaching & practicing yoga Elinor is a mother of three, happily married, she loves reading, writing, running and is addicted to the ocean.

She believes that every day is a gift and that our dreams and desires are the universe's way to direct us to become the person we are meant to be. She is on a mission to inspire the world (you included:) to find peace, purpose and to celebrate life.


  • Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Self-empowerment (for teenage girls and their mothers).

Specific Cases of Coaching:

  • Coached clients to transferred from corporate to entrepreneurship, or to start a side gig.
  • Coached clients on how to forgive a family member
  • Coached mothers to rediscover themselves after their kids grow up
  • Coached clients to get unstuck when life felt gloomy for no particular reason
  • Coached clients to have the courage to let go of old relationships
  • Coached couples to see their relationship (and each other) in a different light

Certifications & Education:

  • An NLP certified life coach
  • Certified Yoga teacher
  • Personal Trainer
  • Versed in Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism
  • Versed in Psychology, Sociology, Neuroscience and the study of happiness 

Coaching Approach:

Studied the teaching of Byron Katie, Daniel La Porte, Deepak Chopra, Swami Rama. 

Previous Work Experience: 

  • Director of operations for a corporation in the hospitality industry.
  • Real estate agent and a personal trainer.
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I had been feeling really stuck and complacent in my own life and I thought I would try a life coach. Elinor’s energy and smile even via video call was infectious! I plan on soaking in more of that energy and getting to a “less stuck” place in my life.
29 May 2020
Easy to use platform, great session, and would recommend her to anyone.
4 April 2020
Great session with Elinor! She had exactly the kind of energy and out look I was looking for from a coach and would absolutely recommend her.
8 February 2020