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Imtiyaz Foolat

Imtiyaz Foolat

Leadership Development Coach - Helping people measure and realize their potential to be their best

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20 Jun 10:00

30 Minute Video Session

Imtiyaz Foolat

I am passionate about helping people be their best!

As an experienced leader, transformation manager and leadership developer having been in leadership roles for over 20 years, I have learnt a few things about what it takes to get the best out of people. I use this knowledge and experience to coach people so they can get the best out of themselves.

Coaching for me has enabled me to see and think through challenges and opportunities clearly, create different levels of awareness and make the right choices and actions to help me move forward with conviction

My Coaching Experience
I help my clients get clear about what they want to be working on, why is this important and what good outcomes looks like for them. I help them to baseline and measure their potential, provide insights into what is helping and hindering their progress, develop a joint plan to help them make progress towards being their best and measure the difference coaching has made to them.

I also specialise in diversity and inclusion coaching supporting minority groups to better understand their unique strengths and challenges and supporting their coaching and development needs. I believe that ‘Diversity in leadership should be representative of diversity in people led and customers served’. I hope to enable richer levels of diverse and inclusive teams at all levels of commerce and society.

As a thoughtful and challenging coach, who brings a blend of change, operations and business leadership experience, I will help you to quickly grasp and make sense of your situation and challenges. I will be your biggest cheerleader and hold you to account on your progress. Together we will explore and make sense of what's needed for you and help you develop the strategies and plans that move you forward.

People who have worked with me say that I am straightforward, challenging, thought-provoking, kind and generous. Most of all, I will help you raise your own self-awareness which in turn will help you develop the know-how you need to realise your potential and bring out your best.

Other Experience
I have experience of leading large operational teams, small technical teams, bespoke project teams and broad management teams across different sectors and locations. I have also consulted to and facilitated senior teams to shape strategy, develop transformation programs and create awareness in individual and team effectiveness. I continue to learn and develop from my experiences and use this to continually improve my coaching practice so I can always better serve my clients.

Areas of expertise:

  • BAME Coaching Matters
  • Realising Your Potential
  • Leading through Career Change.
    • The range of topics discussed and explored includes;
      • measuring your potential
      • identifying your help and hinder factors
      • understanding personal values and drivers
      • confronting prejudice
      • identifying limiting belief systems
      • managing inner critic
      • improving self-esteem
      • confidence-building and valuing personal contribution. 
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30 Minute Video Session

explore / power coaching
60 $ 60
Duration 30 Min.

50 Minute Video Session

open coaching
150 $ 150
Duration 50 Min.

90 Minute Video Session

Help and hinder self assessment, report and detailed insights coaching
199 $ 199
Duration 90 Min.

Realize Your Potential Package

1x 30 min intro call, 1 x 90 min self-assessment insights and coaching goals, 5 x 60 min sessions

Your coaching programme is tailored and designed with you, for you and your unique needs. Based on these requirements, you may explore some of the below topics during your sessions

Finding Purpose, Values & Strengths – Understanding your strengths and value to help find your purpose

Leadership – Understanding what leadership means for you and how to build your leadership style and effectiveness.

Engaging People – How to build trust and rapport, listen and question in order to engage people towards common goals.

Coaching Skills – Using coaching techniques to have great conversations with support and challenge

Managing Change – Being clear about the change you want to make and developing the strategies to get you there

Life Audit – Reflections from your past, projections of your future, making the most of your present

Practical Tools – Tools to apply like finding sponsors, building networks, resilience strategies etc.
750 $ 750
Duration 60 Min.
Session 7


would recommend Imtiyaz as a coach because he is just an amazing soul. No words can describe how he transformed me from the state I was in when I first met him. His patience and warmth made me feel relaxed around him to open up and share my deepest fears.
1 August 2020
The coaching he provides is like putting together a puzzle, each session a new piece would fit into place for me and now I know how the pieces fit together I can apply it to any new situations. You can go in looking for an answer to a question and by then end of the session you realise he has facilitated the session in such a way that you’ve answered it yourself.
4 July 2020
Imtiyaz provided a series of 1 to 1 coaching sessions for me over a period of time, which were really valuable in helping me see past purely delivery of goals, objectives and importantly my own beliefs. The sessions helped me understand and delve into the behaviours that were driving the individuals in my team and supported me having improved conversations with my teams through my own coaching conversations, embedding their beliefs in achieving mutual goals, that resulted in an overall improved performance across our teams and wider business.
15 June 2020
He is able to help you unlock the potential within yourself in such a way that it inspires such confidence to go after whatever it is that is that you are striving for be it career orientated or personal.
1 June 2020
Coaching for me was great in that Imtiyaz didn't provide direct and rather challenged me to investigate more what was driving actions in our teams, but this was of great support, as this helped me develop a similar approach with my team in getting them to challenge the way that they were working to deliver against our goals.
22 May 2020
I found Imtiyaz's style very supportive, which is key in a coaching role and was one of the best processes I have been through in helping me drive improvement in my teams, hence I would recommend this and Imtiyaz as a coach to support any business
4 April 2020
Imtiyaz was able to bring me back to life in not only in helping me to realise my own worth but in relighting the fire in my belly for leadership and strategic plan of how to accomplish. So much so that I surpassed my original career plans and landed something even bigger.
22 March 2020
He has a natural ability to inspire others, coach and challenge in order to get the best out of people. I owe a lot to him personally for both my personal and professional development!
17 March 2020
I worked with Imtiyaz for 6 months as part of a Leadership Development Programme. Imtiyaz is an excellent coach, facilitator and trainer. I found Imtiyaz's coaching style exactly what I needed; supportive, understanding and empathetic but also challenging and encouraging action.
4 February 2020
He really helped me to channel my development needs and come up with solutions to drive change in myself and my team. I highly recommend Imtiyaz as a coach and/or facilitator for leadership programmes and development.
1 February 2020
When I first reached out to Imtiyaz he didn’t hesitate to work with me. My coaching sessions with Imtiyaz where like none other because he was fully present with me and listened to me. On days where I felt ‘heavy’ he respected that and ended the session with grace. I would recommend Imtiyaz to anyone who is looking for a coach with all the qualities I have mentioned and more and who believes in being diverse and inclusive. Thank you once again Imtiyaz
30 November -1