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Matt Mo CVO

Matt Mo CVO

Motivation, Mindset, Income - I Help People Unlock Potential
-15 Years of Excellence
-30 Countries visited
-45K Lives touched

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20 Jul 16:00

30 Minute Video Session

Matt Mo CVO

Why did Matt become a Coach? How can I learn something from Matt? What does CVO stand for?

Being a Pioneer and Cosmopolitan at heart, something Matt inherited from his Mum, he set out to explore the world at the young age of 15, when his Mum took over a company in Dubai. At a time, when most people in Europe weren't even able to locate Dubai on a map...

After some interesting and challenging years in the Middle East, where Matt spent his final High School years and started his first business at age 18, he returned to Germany and studied Hotel Management.

The next 20 years took Matt on an extremely successful and versatile career path in the Hotel industry, during which he lived and worked in more than 30 different countries.

"My Mum was always an early adopter of new ideas, new thoughts, new approaches and I suppose that's the main characteristic she passed onto me. As well as the genuine love and interest for people" Matt says, when asked about the reasons for his very international background.

"There's a strong need for an open heart, an open mind, and an open will when you want to work with people of different cultures, views, and beliefs" Matt adds. "To me, this has never been a challenge, mostly because I was brought up this way and never knew any other approach, but to look for dialogue instead of prejudice. Opening your eyes, instead of locking your door, will always take you further".

Since 2005, Matt is an International Speaker with a track record of having coached thousands of people around the world. He regards it as his duty, to educate as many people as he possibly can, by helping them unlock potential.

The abbreviation CVO stands for Chief Visionary Officer and quite simply put, this is Matt's job title at his company. This title quickly became a label and a brand, uniquely identifying Matt and what he is all about - supporting you in achieving your goals and creating an environment, in which change can happen.

What a CVO does is pretty easy to explain and understand. He or she is in charge of having, maintaining, and constantly growing a mentality that fosters a vision, a vision about the person you want to become, and the results you want to achieve.

By talking to Matt, you can find out more about what Matt has to offer and how he can help you achieve that mindset shift to propel you forward, to a level you probably never thought possible for yourself.


  • Mindset Shift
  • Motivation
  • Income Optimisation
  • Unlocking Human Potential
  • NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • Sales Psychology
  • Networking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Objection Handling
  • Marketing
  • Stock Market Trading 
  • Mentoring 
  • Public Speaking
  • Crisis Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Foreign Cultures

Certificates & Completed Programs:

  • Service Excellence
  • Effective Training Skills
  • Hiring the Best I and II
  • Train the Trainer
  • International Trainer Certification
  • Impact of Leadership
  • Embracing Organizational Change
  • Sales Boot Camp
  • Straight Line Persuasion
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders
  • Fast Profits
  • Daily Income
  • Forecasting Workshop
  • Giving Constructive Criticism
  • Trade Focus Group
  • Millionaire Mind Intensive
  • Investment Mastery Workshop

Some Key Facts About Matt:

  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Philanthropist
  • Animal rights advocate
  • Active supporter of homeless dog programs
  • Supporting children charity programs
  • First business launched at age 18
  • Opened 30 Hotels across the globe
  • Received more than 25 international awards
  • Generated more than € 1 Mio. in less than 9 months
  • Recommended by "Business for Home"
  • Mary Buffett calls him "the next Oracle" of the stock market
  • Recipient of personal thank you email from President Obama
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Wealth Magnet

- Leaving behind limiting beliefs about money
- How to deal with financial gains
- How to deal with financial losses
- Creating an income management system
- Financial market overview, do's and dont's
- How to open a trading account
- Trading on a weekly and daily basis
- Access to dedicated support chat group, for 2 weeks after last Coaching session
547 $ 547
Duration 50 Min.
Session 6

Intraday Camp

- Detailed analysis tools
- Finding and seeing trends
- Understanding signals
- How to trade intraday - for hours, minutes and even seconds
- Access to dedicated support chat group, for 2 weeks after last Coaching session
697 $ 697
Duration 50 Min.
Session 4

Trading Champion

This is a package for those, who want to become Masters at Trading. As the name says, the package is aimed at Champions, who are interested in winning and potentially turning Trading into a full-time profession. The package consists of:
- Wealth Magnet course
- Intraday Camp course
887 $ 887
Duration 50 Min.
Session 10

30 Minute Video Session

50 $ 50
Duration 30 Min.

60 Minute Video Session

80 $ 80
Duration 50 Min.


Matt has really built me up, by showing me how to become self-confident and coaching me to understand it is ok, to sometimes say no. In addition, Matt has shown me you can achieve anything, if you want to, and how important it is to not let anything get you down. Matt has always motivated and pushed me to go above and beyond my limits.
7 August 2020
Matt has been my go-to chap for trading. My trusted advisor during the highs and the lows. A great coach who has made a positive difference to my trading behaviours. A few months ago, with all the volatility, I started using 5 minute graphs and MACD to ride the up's and down's and it finally came together. I was seeing the results, I had in mind the advice Matt gave. Small short trades in the right direction. I have virtually recouped my losses from two months in one afternoon.
27 May 2020
First of all, I would like to express a huge thank you to Matt. I had never really understood the topic of trading and equities, or understood anything at all. I've always found it very complicated. That changed, when I started working with Matt. He explains trading so well and in such simple terms. He has answered all my questions, and those were many. He is more than patient and gave me a great feeling. He repeated everything if necessary several times and was at it with fun. That was important to me, a trainer who is passionate about it. If anyone wants to learn something about trading, I can only recommend everyone to sign up for one of Matt's courses, then you can do it.
20 April 2020
Matt is really a top coach, he explains everything in detail and repeats it if necessary. Both as a professional and as a beginner, you can only benefit from his courses. I have already had the first successes and I can highly recommend anyone to get coached by Matt.
2 April 2020
Matt has endless experience across the board. He definitely knows what he’s talking about and as a new business owner it was beneficial to hear some of his experience and insights.
29 March 2020
If you’re looking to get some insights into being a successful business or career person Matt is the right person to talk to. He’s accomplished a lot and it was great to soak in some of that knowledge.
19 February 2020
I thank Matt from the bottom of my heart, for the seminar he made possible for me. He is a very special kind of person, who has made many people shine and develop into something big. Everything he has achieved, he has earned and deserves it. Because of him, I got the chance to take my life into my own hands, find and redefine myself. A Million thanks to him, Matt is a Champion and a true role model, whom others can and should really learn from.
17 February 2020
I would like to thank you for finding a helpful solution for me, my wife and two daughters, we all appreciate your kindness and hospitality, all of your staff have given us extra service. An example of going the extra mile, to help us out. What a nice thing to do. We thank you and your staff, we hope to see you again. Thanks again.
30 January 2020
Booked a session with Matt to see if he could give me some career advice. Based on his various professional accomplishments I figured he would be the right person for me. He definitely was.
14 January 2020
Some time ago, I had to make an important decision related to my career. I had the choice between more or less continuing what I had been doing for a while, but getting promoted to a higher position, or moving into a different field and a sort of totally different world. I was almost certain I should stay with what I knew and not take the risk, ensuring I would not get burned or leap too far forward. In essence, I was about to do what society had conditioned me to do. It wasn't until I spoke to Matt about the upcoming decision that had to be made, that I realized I was approaching this opportunity with the wrong mindset and from the wrong perspective. Matt helped me understand the principle of what is known as a "comfort zone" and how continuously operating within that comfort zone will never propel you significantly forward. Matt's advice was crucial and I now have a professional life with no drama, no stress and simply no problema with anger. I highly recommend talking to Matt, when advice is needed on mindset, approach and self-development, he definitely knows what he's talking about and has a very clear grip on reality.
13 January 2020
I have been trading for over two years now. As you may know, there are constant ups and downs. You keep learning and studying and trying new techniques as you go. I have experienced some desperate times when I had to ask myself if trading is something to continue with or just give it up. Matt is the person who helped me a lot and often through such difficult times. I always remember his words not to give up but to take a break maybe, sleep it over, learn a lesson from this experience and just keep going. “Ana, don’t give up, you can do this, I believe in you!” You have no idea what his encouragement meant to me. To be on a breaking point and to get such a vote of confidence does wonders. Needless to say, to have a person you can rely on is worth a lot, trust me. Thankfully I followed his advice and I’m still at it. His words have additional value because he himself is very experienced as a trader and knows exactly what I was going through. I take his opinion very seriously and value him as a dear friend as well. If you don’t know him yet, don’t hesitate and make the step in his direction. He really is the person to boost you to the next level.
30 November -1