I believe it definitely makes sense to stay connected and keep an eye on the financial market. However, unfortunately there is a lot of "hot air" being produced, even by so-called "Experts", that is not even worth a second of your time.

We are in an economic situation, we have never experienced. Therefore all the charting and analysis tools are not really applicable, as the market is currently reacting with very wild moves, that no chart can predict. The financial market generally does what it wants, there are too many players connected to it, who also have no clue what's going to happen, that makes it all quite a gamble at the moment.

Wanting to estimate and predict the financial market with existing charting and analysis tools, is a bit like wanting to fight COVID-19 with medication against Influenza (the common flu).

In this current market, I can only recommend to not buy anything and if wanting to trade, to only do intraday trading for now. Anything tied to more than one day, in this market, is very high risk. At least, that's my opinion.

I personally believe, we are NOT back in a bull market and we have not seen the end or the bottom of the bear market quite yet. Anyone putting funds into stock purchases or buy trades (aka going long) could potentially fall on their face big time.

If YOU are interested in learning more about the financial market, stocks and non-purchase trading ( yes, that exists:) ), let's schedule a phone or video call and talk about what opportunities there are, even in these times of extremely high volatility and uncertainty.