Do you know that there is a reason why it's so difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off? And do you know that it is not your fault that diets, exercise, and pills have not worked for you?

The reason for this is: obesity and over-eating are symptoms of an emotional issue.

Trying to treat obesity with diets, exercise, and products without treating the root cause, the emotional issue behind it is like trying to treat a broken bone with a band-aid.

The Root Cause

You have an emotional relationship with food that was formed during your early childhood. When you were born, you had a normal, natural, and healthy relationship with food, but somewhere along the line, your emotional subconscious mind developed an unhealthy relationship with food and your body.

Until you uncover what your emotional issue is, you will continue to unconsciously sabotage all your dieting efforts. You are doomed to staying stuck in the vicious cycle of overeating, hating yourself for doing it, and then doing it again and feeling like an even bigger failure each time round, unless you can identify and break free from your current subconscious beliefs.

 Diet and exercise do nothing to address the reason you overeat.  There is always an emotional reason for eating the way you do. You must understand what the reason is before you can address it.  No diet, exercise, surgery or tablet will be able to do this for you. But Hypnosis can.

Hypnosis is the solution

Hypnosis will help you pinpoint and understand why you developed an abnormal relationship with food. Once you discover the root cause of your problem, you will be so much better equipped to fix it and change your current emotional relationship with food.  It will help you re-program your negative behavior patterns so that you can lose weight and keep it off.

Below are some summaries of studies relating to the use of Hypnosis for Weight Loss.

Hypnosis and weight loss studies
Kirsch (1996) found a 97% success rate in the use of hypnosis on weight loss in his study that looked into the addition of hypnosis to treatments that involved changing cognitions and behaviors. Among 227 people, the ones who did not use hypnosis only lost 2.72 kilograms while the ones treated with hypnosis lost 5.37 kilograms.

Bellanti (1997) has pointed out that hypnosis propels you to a more successful and permanent weight loss by changing your behaviors. 

In a study by Deyoub and Wilkie (1980), 73 women of 19-68 years old joined a weight reduction program that used either suggestions through hypnosis, mere instructions on motivation, or none at all. At the end of the study, those who were treated with suggestions through hypnosis lost the most amount of weight.

Inglis (1982) conducted a study wherein 31 obese women aged 21-70 years old joined and used hypnosis and autohypnosis for weight loss. This involved visualizations, strengthening the ego, idealizations of reaching goals, change in attitudes, direct commands, and associating unhealthy behavior with negative effects to eliminate them. The study concluded that more hypnotherapy sessions taken resulted in more weight loss.

Bolocofsky and his colleagues (1985) investigated the effectivity of hypnosis when used with a weight management program designed to reward positive behavior. The 109 people that participated in the same behavioral weight management program that either used or did not use hypnosis. All of them lost weight but 41% of the people who used hypnosis reached or exceeded their weight loss goals while only 11% of those who did not use hypnosis achieved similar results. After 2 years, even more, people who used hypnosis reached their weight goals.

Stanton (1975) has conducted a study on the use of hypnosis for weight loss which consisted of over four one-hour sessions that involved the creation of positive realizations, hypnotic induction that strengthens the ego and the teaching of self-hypnosis for daily practice. It resulted in the participants achieving their goal weight and maintaining it even after 2 years.


Hypnosis is probably the most effective means to treat obesity.  By addressing the root cause of obesity with hypnosis, you can lose weight and keep it off. Book a session today to begin your journey in understanding your relationship with food, and what you can do to change it and make it healthier.